22 Funniest Golmaal Meme Templates You Will See On The Internet

The Golmaal series is one of the best series when it comes to Bollywood comedy movies. Directed by ace director Rohit Shetty, Golmaal was absolutely loved by the audiences. The epic comedy scenes of the movies coupled by the hilarious dialogues made it one of the best comedies of recent times. Golmaal meme templates have also become famous on the internet in recent years.

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We bring you some of the best Golmaal meme templates on the internet

1. Shoaib Akhtar When Sachin Tendulkar is on strike: Lagta hai maar padne wali hai

2. When Travel Influencer forgets to take his DSLR and couldn’t click sunset pictures:
Abhki baar puri Taiyari ke saath jaunga

3. Nothing but a picture of a guy trying to make the balance b/w his wife and mom

4. When you are the only employed person in your friends circle.
Ameer aadmi dekha nahi ki haath failaana chalu kar diye

5. Pet dogs whenever they meet rowdy street dogs:
Bad element of the society

6. Me forgetting everything in 0.002 seconds after seeing the question paper in the exam: Bhulaa!

7. When I see my friends staring at English teacher
14 years old me: Buri nazar se mat dekho tumhari Bhabhi hai

8. 14 year old me and friends watching Emran Hashmi for the first time
Chumma chaati pe utar aaya hai ye kamina

9. Me just after convincingly winning an argument with someone younger than me
Doodh pi lena ja karke

10. When it’s been 1 hour and nobody liked your new profile picture
Hey Bhagwan te kaisi Zindagi di hai tune

11. *Gopal’s kid breaks window glasses of neighbours with cricket ball*
Neighbours: Iss Gopal ke Bacche ka kucch karna padega

12. *Me watching a reality show*
Anchor: And the winner is…..
Me: Jaldi bol kal subah panvel nikalna hai

13. RCB fan when they see RCB at the bottom of the points table
Kucch nahi badla yarr..sab kucch vaise ka vasa hi hai

14. *Best friend takes someone else for distributing toffees on his birthday*
10 year old me: Mein kisi ko muh dikhane ke kabhi nahi raha

15. Friend: Pata hai kya hua?
Me: Kya hua?
Friend:  Mein nahi bataunga

16. Me after putting Patanjali drishti eye drop in my eyes

17. *Modi Ji Bans all the Chinese apps*
Chinese companies: Oye! Chuna laga diya

18. When a pubg player downloads Call of Duty: Party Badal liya Sala

19. When you talk to your dog for 15 minutes
Dog: Samajh nahi aaya. Par sun ke accha laga

20. *When 18 year old me fighting with 5 year old kid and he spits*
Thookta hai nalayak

21. *Tiger Shroff arrives at home*
His parents: Udd kar aaya hai thak gaya hoga

22.  Beggar: Bhagwan aap aur aapki gf ko sada khush rakhe
Me who never had a gf: Ye koi tarika hai bheek mangne ka?

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Which of these Golmaal meme templates did you find the funniest?

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