20 Best Harry Potter Quotes That’ll Cast A Spell On You

The boy who lived under the stairs touched millions of life & became a magical phenomenon. With dazzling characters, intriguing creatures, mesmerising castles & so much more, the wizarding world redefined fantasy for generations to come! Besides the books and series, Harry Potter quotes also became popular giving us some inspiration and valuable life-lessons.


Culminating over a total of 7 books, the Harry Potter series taught us lessons on hope, friendship & love. Each book invoked a plethora of emotions & always left us wanting for more. Full of memorable stories & impeccable writing, Harry Potter series shaped childhoods & eventually made us believe in magic.

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So, brace yourselves as we fly you to 20 Best Harry Potter Quotes That’ll Put A Spell On You!

1. Dream a little less, live a little more!

2. The inevitable truth!

3. Learn to stand up to your friends

4. Always remember to turn on the light

5. Look how a man treats his inferiors

6. Start with what you have, strive for what you want

7. Unity really is the strength

8. If you’re hurt, it’s meant to be felt

9. Everyone’s created equal

10. Indifference and neglect often do much more damage 

11. Pity the Living

12. It is the unknown we fear 

13. Our choices matter more than our abilities 

14. Believe in yourself! 

15. Every human life is worth saving

16. The Endless cycle…

17. Killing is not that easy

18. I am what I am

19. Fear of a Name…

20. Fame is a fickle friend

21. Old met forget how was it to be young 

22. Karma, is it?

23. Man’s greatest treasure 

24. Time doesn’t slow down

25. Quality of convictions determine success 

26. Actions can change the world, more than magic ever can!

Sweeping in many aspects of life & exploring their deepest ends, J.K. Rowling created a world with her imagination that absolutely resonated with reality. Throughout Harry’s journey through Hogwarts, what’s rooted at the core is the most basic things like kindness & true love!

Which of these Harry Potter quotes are your favorite?

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