HBO’s list of new shows for 2022

The most interesting new HBO series

In this list, we have collected the best new HBO series, which gave the world many famous series, including Game of Thrones and Chornobyl. Now we’ll see what HBO will please us this year. 

The ranking will focus exclusively on the new series that first came out in 2022. 

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House of the Dragon

  • USA
  • Fantasy, Action, Drama
  • IMDb 9.1

Long-awaited novelty from HBO. The movie is set two hundred years before the development of the plot of the “Game of Thrones” series. Valyria is doomed, and the members of House Targaryen leave it in search of a new home. Heading west, they find new uncharted territory home to many warring kingdoms. The heroes also become involved in this war, trying to gain power and glory.

Tokyo Vice

  • USA
  • Thriller, Drama, Crime
  • IMDb 8.1

An exciting series, highly recommended. A job at a prominent English-language newspaper in Tokyo is a good chance for Jake Adelstein to advance his career. The young reporter began work in the crime column. The need for investigative journalism to get the scoop brings Jake into contact with the criminal world of the Japanese capital. Fate brings Adelstein to one of the Yakuza bosses.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.

  • USA
  • Drama, Biography, Sports
  • IMDb 8.4

After making a fortune in real estate, Jerry Bass considers buying a basketball club. His choice fell on a Los Angeles team that had long been in deep crisis. The entrepreneur decided that he would not just lead the Lakers to success but make the NBA an exciting spectacle that would attract the attention of not only basketball fans.


  • USA
  • Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action
  • IMDb 8.4

Christopher Smith seeks to protect the world by any means necessary, neglecting the need to consider ordinary citizens’ safety. He is not your typical superhero; on the contrary, he is often cruel and indifferent to the fate of people. But he carries the nickname “Peacemaker” and enjoys a privileged position. In addition, he has severe problems with his father, with whom he is trying to mend his relationship.

The Gilded Age

  • USA
  • Drama
  • IMDb 8.0

After her father’s death, Marian Brooke is left without a caretaker or a fortune. The girl was forced to move from the conservative southern states to booming New York and found herself in a completely different world. But Marian is not allowed to experience the spirit of freedom by her aunts, who have taken custody of her. They hold conservative views on young people’s education and look for a good match for their niece. But Marian aspires to change, and she wants to realize her dreams. And in this, she is helped by a new friend.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

  • USA, UK
  • Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama
  • IMDb 7.7

Henry has a rare genetic disorder that is accompanied by uncontrollable time travel. It began as a child when he suffered a severe shock. Since then, he has had to learn to adapt to the new conditions because he can move anytime and in the nude. Meeting Claire has given his life meaning.

The Tourist

  • USA, UK, Australia
  • Thriller, Drama, Detective
  • IMDb 7.0

In an Australian hospital, a patient regains consciousness. But, unfortunately, the man discovers that he has lost his memory. He can’t remember his name or the circumstances that brought him to the hospital. The man tries to use several guesses and conjectures to regain his memory. But, unfortunately, he has little time as the past catches up with him.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

  • USA
  • Thriller, Drama, Melodrama
  • IMDb 7.0

In the small town of Milfood 20 years ago, the locals forever remembered tragic events. Since then, people have been divided into groups. These days, a group of young girls is trying to deal with a mysterious villain who threatens themselves and everyone around them. The truth is hidden in the distant past, and it is necessary to get to it. The girls on the team are very different in character and habits, but each of them dreams of defeating evil. Each of them has her secret that the villain is blackmailing them with.


  • USA
  • Drama, Biography
  • IMDb 8.4

Once upon a time, Julia Child never imagined that she would become a TV star and start numerous cooking shows on television. However, the woman was working abroad at an embassy, got married, and realized she wanted to find something she was interested in. That turned out to be cooking. Not only was she able to learn all the secrets of French cooking herself, but she began to teach other American women.

We Own This City 

  • USA
  • Drama, Crime, Biography
  • IMDb 7.6.

Events unfolded in 2015 in Baltimore. A series of mass riots grip the city. It began with the ridiculous death of Freddy, a 25-year-old dark-skinned boy who died at the police station. The townspeople demand that the police investigate the case fairly. Unfortunately, it is the time when drug and violent crimes begin to skyrocket. Statistically, there have been about 300 murders in a year. Law enforcement turns to Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and his special squad for help. But instead of ridding the city of criminals, Wayne fakes evidence and steals money from citizens.

Our Flag Means Death

  • USA
  • Action, Melodrama, Comedy
  • IMDb 7.9

What sacrifices can be made to fulfill a cherished dream? Aristocrat Steed Bonnet, living in eighteenth-century Britain, thinks he has everything. He was once captivated by pirate romance. Since then, he has dreamed of sailing his ship through the seas and oceans, robbing vessels, searching for treasure, and living a free life. So one day, Steed gives up everything: his title, wealth, and family, buys a ship, and sets out on his voyage. But can he assemble a brave crew and become a true pirate?


  • USA
  • Comedy
  • IMDb 7.7

Joyce is known for her feminist views. The girl has been fighting for equality of the sexes for a long time. However, she has an idea that will revolutionize the publishing world. She dreams of creating and publishing an erotic magazine for women. But along the way, she needs a loyal collaborator. That becomes publisher Doug, who finds the idea attractive. 

Somebody Somewhere

  • USA
  • Drama, Comedy
  • IMDb 7.9

The main character Sam is already over 40, but she has not arranged her life. Her personal life has not worked out, and there are constant quarrels and misunderstandings with her relatives; her career has not worked out. The woman is trying hard to find herself, but it does not work in her hometown. The death of her sister finally knocked Sam out of the rut. The only salvation is her meeting with a boy from the school choir, who helps her return to what she loves: music.

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