30 Best Hera Pheri Memes Inspired By Its Dialogues & Scenes

It’s been more than two decades since the release of Hera Pheri and the impact of this movie on Indian pop-culture is unparalleled. Online communities, jokes and inspired by Hera Pheri dialogues have become very popular on twitter and social media. Hera Pheri memes are also a favourite of the netizens.

From Babu Rao’s “Khopdi Tod Sale Ka” to ‘ Raju’s ’50 Rupaye kaat overacting ka’, Hera Pheri memes have become a part of the language of social media users for different news and situations. Both the parts of this movies have been love alike the memers and other users.

We bring you some of the Hera Pheri Memes inspired by its epic scenes and dialogues that are popular on the Internet.

1. When the girls of my class score 90+ and asks teacher to give extra-marks
Me: “Inke Haath mein sone ka katora dedo phir bhi ye bheej maangenge.”

2. Me telling my friend a secret and he thinks of telling it to more peope
Zor Zor se bolke sabko scheme bata de

3. Me checking my bank balance at the end of the month
Arey! Mujhe chakkar aane laga hai!

4. When Anu Malik starts his Shayari
Khopdi Tod Sale Ka

5. When I see Mumbai Indians pulling off an Impossible victory
Bhai Paisa Ho To Kya Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta

6. Gym and Fitness Centres in January: 
Paisa Hi Paisa Hoga

7. Me to my girlfriend when she wants to join me in an all-boys trip!
Me: “Tu ja yahan se, ye scheme tere liye hai hi nahi!”

8. When two people I hate start fighting with each other
Me: “Abhi Maza ayega na bhidu!”

9. Me as soon as I visit my stoner friends
“Maal Kidhar Hai?”

10. Whenever Modi Ju says he is going to address the nation
Me: “Merko to esa Dhak Dhak Horela Hai!”

11. Me to my younger sibling after he gets too comfortable and tell me something nasty he had done
“Ye Babu Rao Ka Style Hai!”

12. To Indian Idol producer when he’s handing the pay cheque to Neha Kakkar
“50 Rupya kaar Over-acting ka!”

13: My Tuition Teacher to me as soon a new month starts
“Paisa Laya?”

14. Lockdown violaters as soon as they see U.P Police…

15. My friends who have joined a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company asking me to join…
“25 Din Mein Paisa Double”

16. When Pakistanis say Babar Azam is a better batsman than Virat Kohli!
“Mast Joke Maara Re!”

17. When my friends starts saying that his girlfriend is different.
Me: “Haan Maloom Hai Chal. Apne Baap ko mat sikha…”

18. When I see my friend using a Jio sim in an iPhone
“Amir Bano Amir! Ye Garibon wali aadar kab chhodoge!”

19. When I am not able to pay my current credit call bill & get a call offering another credit card.
Me: “Rakh…Rakh Teri Maa Ki…”

20. When uncles and aunties in my WhatsApp Family groups start sharing good morning quotes
Me: “Ye kya behooda harkat hai…”

21: Me to my younger brother everytime something is found broken in the house…
“Tune Kiya Naa?”

22. Me when my girlfriend asks for my phone’s PIN
“Bilkul risks ne lene ka”

23. When I go to the toilet without taking my phone.
My phone to me: “Abe Mereko to andar lo..”

24. Me to my stoner friends after I have scored some great stuff…
“Ab main tumko apna cororon ka khazaana dikhata hoon!”

25. Me seeing my salary after leave deductions, taxes deductions, EMIs and other deductions
“Saala! Mereko itna chhota diya”

26. My father to me after I sit at home for 1 week without a job
Tera Wajah se mera atmahathya karne ka time aagayla hai!

27. When a Mechanical Engineering boy sees a girl in his class
Lagta hai ..kisi doosri kholi mein aa gaya

28. When I see somebody else post a meme that I had created, on my news feed!
Saaley Mera Hi Maal Chura Kar Mujhe Bech Raha Hai

29. When my younger sibling keeps his promise of not telling anything to mother
Mein toh tereko harami samajhta tha, tu toh Dev Maanus nikla re

30. When I see someone violating the lockdown…
Me: Aye yede tera baap ka shaadi hai kya re?

Probably, no other movie has inspired as many memes like Hera Pheri. It is one of our favorite Bollywood comedy movies and also a movie that has made us smile again and again through Hera Pheri memes.

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