List of Highest Paid Bigg Boss Contestants In The History of Bigg Boss

The three things that come to mind when we think of Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in India, are controversies, a ton of drama, and entertainment. This year the producers gave the show a new twist by introducing the OTT version of it in order to generate more buzz and the level of anticipation among the viewers is insane. When Bigg Boss debuted in 2006, it quickly rose to the top of the TV ratings and featured a number of well-known celebrities. It is one such stage where Contestants give up their luxury lifestyles to spend months alone in a house with strangers, and it goes without saying that they make a lot of money doing it. Many people are aware that Salman Khan is paid a hefty sum to host Bigg Boss, but few are aware that the contestants receive similarly lucrative contracts to appear on the programme. Here are the Highest paid Bigg Boss Contestants in the history of Bigg Boss.


1. Karan Kundra (season 15) – 4.5 crores for the season

Karan Kundrra became one of the most popular and well-liked contestants on the show. Certain reports claim that Karan Kundrra is not only the highest-paid contestant of the year but also the highest-paid contestant in Bigg Boss history with a total earning of 4.5 cr for the entire season.

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2. Sreesanth (Season 12) – 50 Lakhs per week

When the audience learned that Sreesanth was entering the Bigg Boss house, they were astounded. The former Indian Bowler became the highest-paid contestant at the time, thanks to the buzz surrounding his name. Each week, he received Rs 50 lakhs.

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3. Khali (Season 4) – 50 lakh per week

The Great Khali, a former wrestler for the WWE, is one of the highest-paid participants ever. The wrestler received a weekly amount of Rs 50 lakhs for his participation in the contentious reality show’s fourth season. He was a wild card who entered the house and eventually finished as the first runner-up.

4. Karanvir Bohra (Season 12) – 20 lakh per week

Karanvir is no stranger to the TV industry. He joined Bigg Boss season 12 after delivering outstanding on-screen performances. He charged Rs. 20 lakhs per week.

5. Rimi Sen (Season 9) – 2 crores for her stint

The “Dhoom” actress received a handsome amount for her entry in Bigg Boss. Rimi allegedly received a whopping Rs 2 crore as the signing sum, which is more than the prize money for the winner.

6. Pamela Anderson – 2.5 crores for her stint

Pamela Anderson, a well-known sex icon in Hollywood, is reportedly the highest-paid celebrity to date. For her three days spent in the house, she received Rs 2.5 crore in payment. Pamela was added to the cast to give the programme more oomph, and she more than delivered.

7. Sidharth Shukla (Season 13) – 9 lakh per week

The season 13 grand prize winner was the actor who passed away last year. He earned Rs 9 lakhs per week in addition to winning hearts with his performance.

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8. Rashmi Desai (Season 13) – 1.2 crores for the entire season

The actress initially declined to compete in Bigg Boss for a number of seasons before agreeing to take part in Bigg Boss 13, where she ultimately placed among the top four contestants. According to reports, she charged Rs 1.2 crore to stay in the house and was the highest-paid celebrity in the thirteenth season.

9. Bani J (Season 10) – 1.5 crores for the entire season

Bani J was contacted for the eighth time before she finally agreed to become a part of the show. The producers agreed to pay her Rs. 1.5 crore for the entire season.

10.  Dipika Kakkar (Season 12) – 15 lakh per week

The season 12 winner was the actress who gained notoriety for her role in Sasural Simar Ka. The actress was the season’s standout performer. The actress demanded Rs. 15 lakhs per week in exchange for being in the spotlight.

11. Karan Mehra (Season 10) – 1 crore for his stint

To appear on Bigg Boss 10, Karan received a huge payment. After lengthy negotiations over his compensation, the producers reportedly offered him a whopping sum of Rs 1 Crore in exchange for his agreement, according to a report in a daily. 

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12. Karisma Tanna (Season 8) – 10 lakhs per week

One of the most well-liked contestants on Bigg Boss season 8 was Karishma Tanna. She was reportedly the participant on the show who earned the most money. She earned close to Rs 10 lakh per week.

13. Hina Khan (Season 11) – 8 lakh per week

The actress, who gained notoriety for her role as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, revealed her true self to viewers in Bigg Boss 11, where Shilpa Shinde emerged victorious. According to reports, Hina was the most expensive celebrity of season 11 and demanded a hefty fee to appear on the show.

These were the Highest paid Bigg Boss Contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. Let us know in the comment section, which one is your favorite.

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