10 Best Hindi Dubbed Dramas To Watch Out On MX Player

Be it comedy or action,  horror or romance, MX player gives us everything to watch. The fact that MX player is a free source, giving us shows and movies in high quality is in itself a plus point. Also, to add it gives the viewers dubbed dramas and movies too. What are you waiting for? Check out these Hindi dubbed dramas on MX player. 

1. Day Dreamer

‘Day Dreamer’ is a 2016 Turkish drama. Sanem dreams of becoming a writer. However, she is forced by her parents and must choose between arranged marriage and a job. Upon taking up a job in an advertising company, she falls for her boss, Can. Despite the difficulties in their relationship, they help each other to grow together. 

2. The Untamed

Adapted from the literature novel, Mo Dao Zo Shi, ‘The Untamed’ is a 2019 Chinese drama. 16 years after his tragic demise, Wei Wuxian, a condemned practitioner of dark and demonic techniques, comes back to life. In his second life, he meets up with his soulmate, the revered Lan Wangji, as well as other old friends. Then, Wei Wuxian starts to recall the events leading up to his death, including his early years as a novice cultivator and his ascent into dark magic.

3. Dr. Romantic

Boo Young Joo is a triple board certified surgeon. However, he disappeared one day. Everyone was puzzled as to why he abruptly vanished. Now, Boo Young-Joo goes by the name Teacher Kim and identifies as the Romantic Doctor. He takes pleasure in living alone. Yoon Seo-Jung became a doctor to be noticed by someone, while Kang Dong-Joo became a doctor to impress someone. After they meet Teacher Kim, they discover the importance of love and how it may provide solace. He teaches them to fight against power and money. 

4. Under the Dome

Based on Stephen King’s 2009 novel, ‘Under the Dome’ is a science fiction drama. A huge, transparent, unbreakable dome unexpectedly closes off the residents  of Chester’s Mill from the outside world. Outside the barrier, the military, the government, and the media make an effort to breach it, while the people who are imprisoned inside must fend for themselves in the face of dwindling resources and escalating tensions. 

5. Doctor Stranger

Park Hoon and his father were abducted and sent to North Korea when he was young. He received his medical training from his father, a well-known physician. Park Hoon became a thoracic surgeon . In high school, he experienced a profound love affair with Jae Hee. After his father passed away, Park Hoon fled to South Korea with Jae Hee but eventually was separated from her.

6. The New Pope

Pope Pius XIII, lies in a coma. He is replaced as pope by Sir John Brannox, a charming and affluent moderate English aristocrat who takes the name John Paul III. From the Oscar winning filmmaker, Paolo Sorrentino ‘The New Pope’ is a sequel to the series ‘The Young Pope’.

7. The Golden Horde

Epic historical drama about the battle to rid Ancient Russia of its Mongolian tyrants, which pits a prince against his own son and his disgraced brother. In order to recruit 30,000 warriors for the Golden Horde, Berke Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, sends his emissary Mengu-Temir to Russia. Ustinia, the Grand Duke Yaroslav’s sister-in-law, captures his heart, and he offers to take fewer men in exchange for her joining his harem, which her husband gladly accepts.

8. Blackout

Michael Dendoncker, head of department of the DA3 anti-terrorism team, must ascertain what they want before it is too late. A sabotage attack shuts down the nuclear power plant, plunging Belgium into darkness.

9. Mother

‘Mother’ is a 2018 South Korean drama, a remake of a Japanese drama from 2010. An elementary school teacher discovers that her student is being abused by her own mother. Her motherly instincts take over and she decides to take her on a ride. It was the first time the kid had been happy. 

10. Hekimoglu

Ates Hekimoglu is a 40-year-old successful physician. He is employed by the hospital where his friend Ipek is the administrator as a specialist in infectious diseases and nephrology. Every new hard case that comes his way is intriguing. Despite the fact that Ates Hekimoglu’s reputation is growing daily thanks to his diagnoses and treatments, his failure to keep up with the hospital’s layout frequently puts Ipek, the administrator, in a tough position.

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Let us know which of these Hindi dubbed dramas on MX player did you enjoy the most.

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