10 Best Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies on MX Player That Are Scary


You’ve come to the right place if you consider yourself a horror enthusiast with a taste for all things eerie, frightening, and mysterious, if the idea of the supernatural, of the world beyond reason and human understanding, sends your heart racing beyond measure. As the majority of us are aware, MX Player offers a wide range of entertainment genres, including horror. This list puts the most terrifying horror films on your radar. Feeling isolated? You won’t after watching these Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies on MX Player.

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1. Train of the dead 

Five teenagers hide inside a train car while evading police officers. However, its current residents are ghosts who intend to take them with them as they travel to hell.

2. Battledog

In New York, a virus that turns people into extremely powerful werewolves is spreading. However, a bad general attempts to use it to raise a strong army.

3. 407 dark flight 

Midway through the flight, a flight attendant becomes aware that vicious spirits have taken control of the aircraft and intend to kill everyone on board.

4. Robert the doll

When a cash-strapped student begins working the night shift at a museum, she has a sneaking suspicion that one of the exhibits, a spooky old doll named Robert, is alive and causing havoc after hours.

5. The dorm

Vivian begins hearing voices when she learns about the girl who shared her room with her mysteriously vanished. Her body soon experiences a significant change.


6. Isle of the dead 

Strangers stranded on a remote island battle swarms of the dead to survive.

7. Boogeyman 

Tim’s father disappeared after being sucked into his closet when Tim was a young child. He goes back to his old house 16 years later, to find out the truth, after his mother has passed away.

8. The exorcist 

A young girl named Regan exhibits strange behaviour after using an Ouija board. After consulting with two priests, Chris, her mother, and an actress, determine that Regan is under the control of a demonic force.

9. The desent part 2 

Sarah Carter is discovered by the authorities covered in blood and with no memory of what transpired during the spelunking expedition. They make the choice to return her to the caves where the incident happened.

10. Cold Skin

In order to monitor the weather, a meteorologist by the name of Friend travels to the remote areas of the Antarctic Circle. However, he soon finds himself stranded among the island’s dangerous wildlife.

These were the top Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies on MX Player. Start watching these right now!

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