15 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas On MX Player We Loved!

Korean dramas have been immensely popular over the last few years, and with good reason. The refreshing storylines and characters, especially the male characters, have won our hearts. While the language barrier is not really an impediment when watching something you love, at times you do wish you didn’t have to skim through the subtitles each time any of your favourite characters delivered a powerful dialogue, isn’t it? Well, we have good news for you. We compiled a list of Hindi dubbed Korean dramas on MX Player. Sounds great right? Let’s check it out!


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1. I’m Not a Robot

A science fiction that was released in 2017, this one takes us through the lives of a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her partner, and a guy who suffers from an allergy that forces him to limit social interaction. What happens when the two meet? Watch the show to find out.



2. Rich Man

This show is a 2018 romantic comedy that deals with the much-known premise of an arrogant boss, a smart yet humble employee from the countryside, and what transpires between the two of them. The show is based on the work “Rich Man, Poor Woman” by Naoko Adachi, Masami Nishiura, and Ryo Tanaka.


3. Dr. Romantic

A medical drama with overtones of romance, the premise of this show is interesting in that it revolves around a surgeon who abruptly goes missing and is later discovered to be working at a small hospital, teaching and guiding young medical students.


4. Pinocchio

Two journalists team up and make it a mission to fight for justice. Why the title Pinocchio then? Well, one of them has a syndrome that doesn’t allow them to lie. Where does that lead them?

5. Heirs

A number of well-off teenagers, all of them heirs to vast amounts of property, make their way through life while dealing with their own sets of problems.

6. Doctor Stranger

Park Hoon, a doctor, flees North Korea to settle and practice in the south after his father’s death. There, he meets a fellow doctor who resembles the woman he had fallen in love with back in North Korea, but who claims to not recognise him.

7. 1 Percent Of Something

A 2016 drama based on a novel of the same name written by Hyun Go-woon. An heir to immense amounts of wealth, and an elementary schoolteacher get into a pretentious relationship so that the heir can inherit his desired wealth. Things take a turn when their feelings get in the way.

8. Goblin

A military general is wrongly framed and killed, after which he is cursed to stay immortal to have to witness the pain of his loved ones as retribution for all the soldiers he has had killed. The only way he can escape this curse is with the help of his bride who will pull out the sword needed to end the curse.


9. That Man Oh Soo

A guy has magical powers he can use to unite the lovers. What happens when he is in the clutches of that power himself?

10. The King Loves

A plot with a love triangle among friends, King’s Love is a romantic historical drama that was released in 2017.


11. Where Stars Land

A 2018 television series with elements of romance and melodrama, Where Stars Land is set in the lives of the employees of Incheon International Airport.

12. Kill Me Heal Me

A 2015 drama, this one is about the son of a Korean business tycoon who secretly recruits a psychiatrist to treat his multiple personality disorder.

13. Doctor John

Based on the Japanese novel named “On Hand of God” by Yo Kusakabe, this show follows two doctors who try their best to treat patients complaining of acute mysterious pain.

14. Bride of The Century

This one is a 2014 drama revolving around the Choi family. The family is under a curse due to which the first bride of the family inevitably dies.

15. Hospital Ship

A 2017 romance drama about a team of medical professionals who travel in a hospital ship to extend medical help to residents of rural areas on small islands.


Consider this your sign to log in and binge-watch all of these Hindi-dubbed Korean dramas on MX Player! Happy viewing!

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