10 Best Hindi Dubbed Movies of Vijay Sethupathi You Should Not Miss

Crowned with several awards including the ‘National Film Award’, Vijay Sethupathi is a Tamil actor. He worked as an accountant in Dubai for some time after taking up a series of odd jobs. However, he eventually landed on an acting career, starring as a background actor to commercial success like ‘Pizza’.  Let’s have a look at some of the best Hindi dubbed movies of Vijay Sethupathi.

1. Vikram

A special investigator is assigned to a case of serial killings in a high-octane action movie. As he investigates, he discovers that the case is not what it first appears to be and that continuing down this road can only result in war amongst all parties concerned. The plot centers on a black-ops team led by Agent Vikram, who seeks to bring down the Vetti Vagaiyara, a drug syndicate gang. The gang is led by Sandhanam and wants the missing drugs delivered to its boss Rolex.

2. Pizza

‘Pizza’ is the first part of the Tamil horror film series. Pizza delivery man Michael Karthikeyan resides with his girlfriend, Anu, who is also a budding author looking for inspiration for a horror novel. Although Michael does not believe in the paranormal, he is terrified of it. Anu continues to tell her that he might experience the paranormal soon. Initially perplexed and terrified, Michael’s concerns are proven when he learns that a spirit is inhabiting his boss.

3. Pappu Passport

A village accountant named Gandhi Arumugam leaves his town with his best buddy Pandi to travel to Chennai. In order to work and earn money to pay off their obligations, they need to obtain all the paperwork needed to travel to London, where they intend to work. 

4. Petta

Starring Rajnikanth along with Vijay Sethupathi, ‘Petta’ is a 2019 action film. An evil politician and his criminal son target a hostel warden, but they have no idea that they should be the ones to be afraid of him. At a college in Ooty, a strange and deceptively aged man named Kaali accepts the position of boys’ dorm warden. He observes that a rowdy bunch of final-year students, led by Michael, the pampered son of a local figure named Gnanam, rules the dormitory. Michael’s pranks are stopped by Kaali, which causes the two to become hostile to one another. 

5. Junga

In order to track down and exact revenge on the drug dealers who killed his companion, Don Junga Mariappan returns to Paris, France. Inspector Manimaran and Duraisingam take on the role of Don Junga’s encounter at the beginning of the movie. Junga relates his tale as he makes his way to his rendezvous.

6. Puriyatha Puthir

Dramatic developments in a man’s romance with a music teacher results in him getting anonymous videos of her. A music director named Kathir begins dating a music educator named Meera. He begins to get indecent recordings of Meera and frantically searches for the person who is destroying their lives, but will it be too late?

7. Soodhu Kavvum

Arumai, the politician’s son, was plotting his own kidnapping to extort money from his father when Das and his squad kidnapped him. When a crazy cop is brought in to handle the case, issues develop. The main idea of the film is that modern culture and daily life are now dominated by foolish words.

8. Sethupathi

While doing nighttime patrols within the boundaries of his C3 Station, SI Subburaj is tricked into a trap and killed by burning a bunch of henchmen. He wanders across a small bridge and perishes inside the confines of C4 Station despite being burned. Sethupathi is the Inspector of C4 Station in Madurai for the Crime Section and is currently awaiting his already announced promotion to ACP. Sethupathi receives Subburaj’s case and learns that Vaathiyar of Melur, a powerful politician, is responsible for the murder.

9. ‘96

After 22 years, two high school sweethearts reconnect during a reunion and talk about the past. Twenty-two years after their graduation, the 1996 class reunion is the central plot of the movie. Additionally, Ram and Jaanu’s reunion gives them a chance to work through their breakup-related concerns.

10. Rekka

Cheliyan and David, two dons, are rivals. David’s brother is murdered by Cheliyan, so David promises to exact revenge and waits for the appropriate moment. A young man from Kumbakonam, Shiva connects lovers, and his family backs him. This causes him a number of issues, including one from David when Shiva stops David’s marriage to a woman who turned down his proposal. David is curious as to why his marriage ended.

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