20 Best Hindi Quotes Every Student Needs To Make It Through

Exam season only just got over for some lucky students in the country, while others are struggling with tests they have to sit for hours for. Now, it definitely isn’t true that the only event worth mentioning in a student’s life is the phenomenon of exams. But they are no doubt some of the most stressful times for someone only trying to foray into the world of academics and their area of interest in general. That apart, a multitude of emotions can dominate a student’s life. The willingness to learn and succeed, coupled with the anxiety that comes from failing, and a thousand more novel occurrences almost every other day – student life can be both fun and anxiety-inducing. To help make your way through the journey, we have in this article some of the best Hindi quotes every student would definitely find helpful.


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1. Your attitude determines everything. 

2. After all, there is no one size that fits all. 

3. Merely dreaming won’t make your dreams come true. 

4. One investment that is not subject to market risks! 

5. Live on your own terms. 

6. Education truly does hold the power to bring about immense changes. 

7. The hardest of struggles yield the strongest of people. 

8. “A mistake is only a mistake if you make it twice.”

9. Failure is as good a teacher as success. 

10. And the best part of it is, that it is all in your hands. 

11. Small efforts add up to big changes. 

12. Anything is better than nothing at all. 

13. Make sure your words find expression in action. 

14. Your willpower is what determines everything else. 

15. Education can truly open doors. 

16. The demand of the times. 

17. It is always alterable. 

18. What costs us more? 

19. A piercing piece of reality. 

20. Mistakes aren’t always that bad, as long as you learn something from them. 

These quotes sure made us rethink a lot about our own lives as students. We hope you liked this article on Hindi quotes every student surely needs! Let us know in the comment section about any other inspirational quotes you abide by as a student!

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