24 Powerful Hindi Quotes On Attitude That Will Boost You Up


We have always heard a lot about attitude and the kinds of attitude one should or should not have – basically, the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it. Some of us grow up with the idea that having an attitude is inherently negative, that posing oneself as a distinctive individual is somehow inimical to the ideas of social harmony and solidarity. However, as we get older, we realise the importance of standing against the world at times to save our own selves when no one else does it for us. We understand, sometimes the hard way, that we have to hold ourselves up to fight against a world where everyone is really looking out only for themselves. To help you get through this phase, we have some Hindi quotes on attitude that encapsulate its real essence.

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1. What it takes to preserve your own sanity. 

2. Let what you do in silence do the talking. 

3. Let your reputation precede you. 

4. The power of passion. 

5. The leader always walks alone. 

6. Stand out of the pack. 

7. There is no bigger assurance than relying on yourself, and only on yourself. 

8. Know your dependencies, and know them well. 

9. A novel kind of violence.

10. Your attitude defines your actions. 

11. Have the power to make others realise their limits. 

12. Violence is often the easiest of solutions. 


13. Allow your heart to guide you. 

14. When nothing really matters anymore. 

15. Learn to not give a damn. 

16. When you realize kindness isn’t cutting it anymore. 

17. Wait for others to vacate your throne. 

18. Understand what yields benefits. 

19. Allow your struggles to fuel the fire within you. 

20. Stay true to yourself. 

21. Your smile irks your enemies the most. 

22. After all, strength stems from courage. 

23. Know when to show your true colours. 

24. Stick to your principles – they make you who you are. 

That was all for this article which we so enjoyed writing. We hope these Hindi quotes on attitude come of some use to you. Which quote among these did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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