17 Awesome Hindi Quotes On Friendship For Those Idiots In your Life!

Friendship is truly one of the most beautiful bonds that can exist. A bunch of people who are more often than not, not biologically connected to each other, choosing to stick with each other through thick and thin. One of the purest forms of human bonding is this. We don’t necessarily need it to be the last Saturday of July to take out a moment and appreciate the idiots in our life who make it worth living, but it also doesn’t hurt to observe a day of significance, especially for them, right?  So, this one is for those souls whom you instantly clicked with, who made you feel less lonely in a world where people constantly strive to surpass each other. Read on to encounter some awesome Hindi quotes on friendship!


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1. The bitter truth about broken trust and bonds. 

2. Another great equaliser, maybe? 

3. For that one friend who always sticks around. 

4. And that’s how you know you have a gem of a human to accompany you on this crazy journey called life. 

5. A true friend knows you truly. 

6. And that’s why it’s the bond that makes life worth living. 

7. Get yourself the kind of friends who’d make you feel grateful every day. 

8. Nothing like distance to breed fondness. 

9. The power of friendship – it hols you up. 

10. It’s high time we valued platonic love as much we do romance. 

11. As they say, love needs no reason. 

12. Jai-Veeru, or nothing. 

13. A friend knows you better than you know yourself.. sadly, we only learn it the hard way. 

14. A kind of intoxication we could advocate. 

15. You can’t really un-love someone, even if it’s a friend, can you? 

16. When friendship is life. 

17. Because pure love doesn’t always need to be shown off, right? 

We hope you loved reading these awesome Hindi quotes about friendship! Do share these with your friends to let them know you appreciate their existence in your life!

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