Best Hindi Romantic Movies on Netflix To Watch If You Have Not Yet


Indian romantic movies were just not invented randomly. It was a dream that people from different parts of the world wanted to replicate it so much by making it more appealing to the viewers. They were worked over for years. Now we have plenty of  Hindi romantic movies to get entertained easily on the Netflix platform. You can find humor, thrill, emotion, or anything else here in this film collection. So go ahead and watch some best Hindi romantic Movies on Netflix.


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1. Luka Chuppi

Rashmi and Guddu, fall in love and start living together. But before deciding to settle down for marriage, Rashmi wants to make the audacious attempt of moving in with Guddu. Rashmi’s father is a prominent member of the local right-wing party, and has been leading protests against live-in relationships in their small town in North India. However, when their family believes they have eloped, their life becomes utterly chaotic. When their traditional families believe they are married, turmoil results.

2. When Harry met Sejal

Sejal is about to board her flight to India after a month-long tour of Europe when she realizes her engagement ring is missing. She hires Harry, the same tour guide she and her family used to search for the ring, and the two of them set out to visit all the same locations. Naturally, the journey turns out to be much more.

3. The Sky is Pink

Aisha is diagnosed with a life-threatening early diagnosis of SCID, a rare genetic disease, shortly after birth. Aditi and Niren, her parents, make it their life’s work to ensure that she lives as long as they can. Based on the life of Aisha Chaudhary, who had pulmonary fibrosis and severe combined immunodeficiency, the movie follows her parents, Aditi and Niren, as they try to manage their marriage while caring for their sick daughter.

4. Bareilly Ki Barfi

Bitti Mishra, a free-spirited young woman from Bareilly, falls profoundly in love with novelist Pritam Vidrohi because she respects his progressive outlook on life. However, locating him turns out to be as challenging as trying to find a needle in a haystack. So Bitti asks Chirag Dubey, the owner of the neighborhood printing factory, for assistance on her romantic quest.

5. Khoobsurat

The protagonist of Khoobsurat is Dr. Mili Chakravarty, a middle-class physiotherapist from Delhi who has been instilled with a strong belief in fairy stories by her equally fervent mother. Shekhar Rathore, Raja of Sambhalgarh, is paralysed, and Mili is sent to Rajasthan to heal him. Mili fascinates the Rathore family throughout her stay in the mahal, especially the young Yuvraj Singh Rathore, with her free spirit and comical antics.


6. Om Shanti Om

Om Makhija, a struggling young film artist in 1977, has feelings for Shanti Kashyap, a movie star who is secretly married. Mukesh Mehra, Shanti’s husband and a producer of movies, betrays her and kills her in a fire. Om sees this, tries to save her, but is seriously hurt, which also leads to his death. In 2007, after having a second chance at life as the wealthy superstar Om Kapoor, he decides to exact revenge on Mukesh with the aid of Shanti’s doppelganger Sandy Bansal.

7. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Family and friends try to set up a soft-spoken man and an irritable woman into marriage. The best friends decide to look for a soul mate for the other after coming to the conclusion that they are not compatible. Two close friends who are sure they are not in love look for each other’s affection.

8. Barfi

The movie set in the 1970s and features scenes in both Darjeeling and Kolkata, is about Murphy “Barfi” Johnson, a young deaf-mute boy who forms a special bond with two young girls named Shruti Ghosh and Jhilmil Chatterjee despite frequently being chased by a local police officer named Inspector Sudhanshu Dutta for causing disturbances.

9. Love per square feet

Sanjay Kumar Chaturvedi, an IT engineer, and Karina D’souza are the main characters of the movie. They both work for the same bank and have an ambition of owning a home, but obstacles in their personal life prevent them from realizing this dream. She consents, and as they attempt to purchase the flat as an unmarried couple, the video depicts different issues they encounter.

10. Jab we met

Aditya Kashyap, a heartbroken businessman, leaves his corporate job and boards a train headed for Delhi. It’s on this train that he meets Geet Dhillon, a chatty Punjabi girl. When he exits the train, she is directed to board, but they both get left behind. She tries to convince him to travel with her as they start off on their journey to Bhatinda, where she lives. They later decide to elope with her boyfriend Anshuman Singh as she plans to arrange for his marriage to her sister Roop Dhillon.


11. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Two love triangles that occurred years apart are combined in the plot. The second half of the book relates the tale of a young widower’s daughter who wants to reconnect her father with his former best friend. The first half of the book is about friends on a college campus. Rahul had eyes solely for Tina while they were in college. Anjali is in love with her closest buddy Rahul. Years later, the eight-year-old daughter of Rahul and the deceased Tina makes an effort to reconnect her father with Anjali.

We would totally recommend you to watch these Hindi romantic movies on Netflix.
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