12 Best Hindi Song Lines For Instagram Captions and Bio To Save Your Time

Social media has become such a terribly important part of our lives, hasn’t it? Right from updates about our hangouts, to building a profile for potential employers to judge us by, social media is almost like an extended part of ourselves. Without a doubt, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s time, and the primary medium of communication there is pictures, as we all know. And pictures need… the only thing we all struggle with… captions! Oh, to spend hours trying to get the perfect click and then an equal number of hours trying to find the perfect caption for that picture is a nightmare in itself that no one deserves. So, here we are, with a list of some of the best Hindi song lines for Instagram captions and also in your Instagram bio! Thank us later!


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1. For the carefree, wonder-filled souls. 

2. For the love of your life. 

3. To remind yourself to hold on to every little moment (One of the best Hindi song lines for Instagram captions and bio from the movie Aap ki Kasam)

4. All the motivation in the world you can find within yourself. 

5. Recognising the beauty of transience. 

6. For when you feel like not having a care in the world. 

7. And cherish every moment while it lasts, until it’s too late. 

8. Remind yourself of what really remains of you, what really matters… 

9. Acknowledge the bittersweet journey that is life. 

10. A message for the one you love. Be it your own self. 

11. For the fun-loving you! 

12. Embrace life as it is, as you would a lover. 

That was all for this article on some of the best Hindi song lines for Instagram captions and bio! Isn’t it pretty evident that when in doubt, music is always the answer – be it for a social media caption or in life, in general. Keeping the jokes aside, do let us know your thoughts in the comments – did this article help you in any way?  You could also share some social media captions you swear by!

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