10 Hindustani Bhau Meme Templates That Explain Everyday Things


Popular YouTuber and Big Boss contestant Vikas Jayaram Fhatak, popularly known as Hindustani Bhau has become a favorite of the memers with his epic reactions, dialogues, one-liners and antics. His epic videos nagging various people in the political, entertainment and content creating space have become viral with million of likes and followers.


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We bring you some of the best Hindustani Bhau templates on the internet.

1. When my best friend says, “Meri waali alag hai.” 

2. 16-Yo girlfriends after sending a nude…

3. Sober me to my friends who are 4 pegs down: 

4. When my bestie cancels the Goa plan at the last moment

5. Whenever a opposition batsman exchanges words with Indian players and then gets out.
Captain Kohli: 


6. When somebody tries to troll me on my social media comments…

7. Me trying to book my train tickets quickly.
IRCTC Website: 

8. Whenever someone says they are meeting their boyfriend / girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.
My Dirty mind: 

9. Me watching the “Utha le” scene of Hera Pheri everytime: 

10. When my friend who hasn’t spoken to me in years and calls me and says “Bhai koi job hai toh dila do…” 

Did you know? In 2011, Hindustani Bhau was awarded as the “Best Chief Crime Reporter” in Mumbai.

Which of these Hindustani Bhau Meme templates did you find the most funny?

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