12 Most Badass Hollywood Dialogues Of All Time


Hollywood films are always at the top of the game.Be it the lovely romance, kickass action or awesome thrillers- the characters never fell short in impressing us with their great dialogues.So we have collected few of the countless badass dialogues from some timeless Hollywood flicks that you should take a look at.


1. Friends and enemies both should be kept close

2. Vin Diesel’s daring line from the movie

3.  Vito Corleone had enough power to make people do whatever he wanted them to do

4. These patriotic lines could inspire countries facing wars and loss

5. What we do in our lives can live on

6. The longer we live, the more heartless we become


7. Always be brave

8. These iconic lines will forever be badass

9. Never discourage yourself from achieving your dreams is what Jordan Belfort said

10. Eat heartily before a big war

11. The passion and desire inside Maverick to race

12. A good gangster need to be smart

Good or bad, hero or villain these Hollywood characters left a deep impact on us with these dialogues, tell us do you feel the same.

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