10 Best Hollywood Movies Releasing In June 2024

Hollywood makes sure that with its high-quality action sequences, top-notch animation, and VFX with even minute detailings— it stands out as the best cinema industry in the world! It gave us some blockbuster hits like Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’, or Ryan Gosling’s comedy film ‘The Fall Guy’— they are just a few examples. Because summers should be entertaining. And, one of your favorite animated movies is getting its sequel this month (keep guessing!), or scroll down and find out the name of this film.  Here are the 10 best Hollywood movies releasing in June 2024 that you shouldn’t miss at all.

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1. Bad Boys: Ride or Die | 07 June 

It’s an action comedy flick about two smarty-pants cops Mike Lowery (Will Smith), and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). When a late police captain gets linked with a drug cartel and these two know that there is something fishy about it— they go on a mission to find out the truth and clear their captain’s name. Want to see a good Will Smith movie that has got sleek action and goofy comedy? Watch this one without fail!

2. The Watchers | 14 June 

It is a new horror fantasy film for the adrenaline junkies who can’t wait for new horror flicks to release. The film stars Dakota Fanning in the lead role of a 28-year-old woman called Mina who gets lost inside a vast unexplored forest in Western Ireland. In desperation, she tries to find a shelter and gets trapped somewhere with three strangers where mysterious creatures haunt them every night.

3. Inside Out 2 | 14 June 

A cute animated family comedy film and a sequel to the already super-popular animated film ‘Inside Out’. This film is about the emotions that live inside your brain and how you behave (quite literally!). It’s the world of emotions— and in the new film, some more new emotions are introduced that add to our subconscious as we grow in life, like ‘Anxiety’.Yup, that’s a scary emotion, but that’s been introduced here, so make room for the new emotions!

4. Trigger Warning | 21 June  

An action thriller, Trigger Warning is all about a roller coaster ride— so tie your seatbelts fast! The movie revolves around the life of a special forces commando officer named Parker (Jessica Alba), who comes back to her hometown after a long time— to attend her father’s funeral. But, instead of living a quiet life, she crosses paths with the members of a violent gang and that’s it— get, set, and a lot of action! If you love fast thrillers, you’ve got your pick.

5. I Am: Celine Dion | 25 June 

It is a musical biographical documentary film about Celine Dion’s life and inside stories that the world does not know. The film also delves deep and explores the difficult parts of her life like her struggles with the stiff person syndrome. The documentary will be released on Amazon Prime Video on the 25th of June, and her fans are eagerly waiting for its release.

6. A Family Affair | 28 June 

A rom-com film that will probably give the most twisted love story of the year! The film is about a young woman and her mother getting their lives entangled with a movie star, who is also the boss of this young woman. The complicated web of love, sex, work, relationships, family, and identity makes their lives no less chaos. This Netflix film stars Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King in the lead roles.

7. A Quiet Place: Day One | 28 June 

It’s an apocalyptic horror film about the day when the whole world went quiet, because if they didn’t— they would die! Yes, this Netflix movie is about some creatures who take over the world and they can’t see but their superpower is their hearing power. So, stay quiet to stay alive! The movie is a prequel to the famous ‘A Quiet Place’ film series.

8. Horizon: An American Saga | 28 June 

An American Western drama film about the times that were dark in the country. The film is set in an era when the lure of the Old West was discovered at a time when the Civil War was on the rise. The most interesting part is that this film series is divided into many parts and the first chapter will be released on the 28th of June. So, you don’t want to miss out on the experience of watching the first part in the theatres because the new chapters are also coming up soon!

If you are done with our list, we honestly suggest that you don’t miss out on those that you liked the most and of course— Netflix and chill is an option that is always open. So, choose and enjoy your summer!

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