10 Hottest and Boldest Hindi Movies on Netflix You’ll Enjoy Watching

Bold films are intended to honour the human need for carnal intimacy and sexual happiness. These are not just arousing and exciting, but they also often have storylines that keep you hooked to the very end. These range from romance, thriller and often even paranormal films. If you’re looking to enjoy a bold film for a solo night in or with a partner, here is quite possibly the best list of the hottest and boldest Hindi movies on Netflix. Have fun!

1. Lust stories

Four stories, ranging from troubled marriages to sexual glitches, illuminate contemporary relationships from the perspective of Indian women.

2. Hunterrr

Mandar, a self-described sex addict, has little regard for love or other emotions and is solely interested in having sex. His life, however, changes when he meets Tripti and decides to marry her. This is one of the hottest and boldest Hindi movies on Netflix.

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3. Is Love Enough? Sir

A young woman from a remote hamlet who is motivated and upbeat begins her new work as a live-in maid for the cynical son of an affluent family. They finally fall in love, but they discover that they cannot be together.

4. Raagini MMS

A young woman and her cunning lover take a weekend getaway to a remote farmhouse. However, a number of eerie incidents are shortly witnessed by the pair.

5. Raagini MMS 2

In an unknowing home where a demonic spirit resides, a director attempts to film an erotic horror film. The lead actress’ body is already possessed by the spirit before the cast and crew even begin filming.

6. Haseen Dilruba

While detectives search for leads to arrest her, a lady accused of killing her husband tells an intriguing tale about their marriage.

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7. Ascharyachakit

For a passionate night, a Bollywood Superstar hires a prostitute. Five characters’ lives are forever altered by this one evening. While attempting to escape the grasp of the psychotic pimp, the prostitute falls for the Superstar’s driver. The actor is being blackmailed for his prior wrongdoings, and he is doing everything in his power to maintain his good name. Not everyone will escape the tremendous collision of these two catastrophes.

8. B.A. Pass 2

To avoid being forced into an arranged marriage, a young woman moves to Mumbai. She discovers the harsh realities of show business, life, and love while living alone in the city.

9. Ajeeb Dastaans

The surprising ways that unanticipated triggers stoke the painful feelings simmering in broken relationships are revealed in four short stories.

10. LSD (Love, Sex Aur Dhokha)

A lovebird’s honour killing, a woman’s life being wrecked by an MMS scandal, and a disturbing occurrence where a woman is cast as a victim on a casting couch are all seen on hidden cameras.

This was our list of the hottest and boldest Hindi movies on Netflix. Which one got you all excited? Let us know in the comments!

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