20 Hottest Korean Dramas of All Time That You Will Love

Korean dramas are literally the best thing that has ever happened. These are so addicting that it is almost impossible to go back once you start watching them. Some steamy and hot Korean dramas are hard to skip, making you wish the scenes never end. But finding these shows could be a tiring task and that is why we are here for you! We have curated a list of some of the Hottest Korean Dramas that you will definitely love.

The K-drama craze or also known as the Hallyu wave started a long time ago and with the availability of OTT platforms- it has spread its wings all around the globe. Some of the hottest shows that we have listed- you might have already watched, but if you are a K-drama fan- we suggest you watch them all! Check out this list of 20 Hottest Korean Dramas.

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1. Love in contract

This show centers around the daily romance of contract marriage expert Choi Sang-eun, who has a long-time mysterious client on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A must-watch show!

2. Crash Landing on You

A South Korean heiress is accidentally dropped into North Korea while paragliding, where she comes into contact with an army officer who decides to assist her in escaping.

3. Critical X

A comedy-drama that portrays the current era’s crisis in a hyper-realistic manner for each age. It relates the tale of Mr. A who finds himself in a precarious situation after being confronted with a three-tier combo, being advised to resign, rising from the ashes to riches, and dealing with the effects of aging.

4. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

An antisocial children’s book author and a worker at a mental hospital find a path to emotional recovery. One of the Hottest Korean Dramas that you can watch.

5. Descendants of the Sun

A South Korean Special Forces soldier falls in love with a gorgeous surgeon. However, because of their respective occupations, their love does not last for a long time. 

6. Romance Is a Bonus Book

A talented author who is the publishing company’s youngest editor-in-chief ever becomes involved in the life of a former copywriter who is in need of employment.

7. The Tale Of the Nine Tailed

The Baekdudaegan mountain’s guardian spirit, a nine-tailed fox, resigns from his post in order to look for the rebirth of his one true love. One of the Hottest Korean Dramas that you must definitely watch.

8. My Secret Romance

This revolves around Jin-Wook and Yoo-Mi and their journey after they met and became mixed up in a number of miscommunications and mishaps.

9. One Dollar Lawyer

A tale of a unique-styled attorney who represents clients against the wealthiest and most wealthy people for just one dollar. This show is a heart-winning show that will steal all your attention once you start watching it.

10. The Light In Your Eyes

This fantasy romance show has a time manipulation trick up her sleeve- but using it comes at a price. She loses all of her time in a horrible event before she can use it up, while there is a man who has got all the radiant years ahead of him but loses it because of his laziness. A must-watch show!

11. Cheer Up

Do Hae Yi, a University student, is intelligent and hardworking. She prioritizes earning money over going to school because of her family’s dire financial position.

12. My love from another star

Do Min-Joon, an alien who arrived on Earth 400 years ago and will be allowed to leave in three months, will be able to reconnect with his people after he meets Chun Song-Yi, a well-known actress. 

13. Youth of May

In the midst of the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980, a medical student and a nurse fall in love. A perfect love story. This show is unique because of its simple love story set in the middle of a civil uprise and the charm of the 80s Seoul.

14. Doom At Your Service

A woman who lost her parents at a young age is given less than 100 days to live after being detected with a brain tumor. As she cries out for the end of the world, the destruction himself appears and spends the final 100 days with her.

15. The Law Cafe

Landlord Jung Ho, referred to as the Monster Genius of the prosecution, is an awkward but cool guy with a strange charm. Yu Ri is an oddball attorney with a strong temper who cannot tolerate injustice, which causes her to leave her practice and launch her own law cafe. She learns that her old buddy Jung Ho is her landlord when she goes to meet him about the lease. It’s at that point that a wild relationship that starts as friendship and ends as love begins.

16. Boys Over Flowers

This trendsetting show that was released in 2009 is considered the reason behind the Hallyu wave! It shows the story of a girl from a modest background who gets admission to an elite school and falls in love with the leader of F4- the four most rich and handsome boys in the school.

17. Coffee Prince

It is a sweet with a pinch-of-bitterness kind of story where a coffee shop owner falls in love with a woman who works in his cafe disguised as a man! This ahead-of-its-time story shows that love has no boundaries and one can fall in love despite looks, class, and gender. Its different take on love and unconventional love story make it one of the hottest K-dramas.

18. My Roommate is a Gumiho

This popular web series is based on a webtoon of the same name. This thrilling fantasy love story shows a 999-year-old Gumiho (a nine-tailed fox) who wishes to live a human life- who falls in love with his roommate who accidentally swallows his fox bead. This series has all elements of fun, love, and steamy romance- a hot Korean romance drama it!

19. Nevertheless

This Netflix original series released in 2001 shows a burning and irresistible love between a man who gets annoyed by relationships and only flirts, and a woman who does not believe in the concept of love. The show has a slow pace and many steamy scenes- making it definite on the list of hottest Korean dramas.

20. Secret Garden

In this fantasy rom-com series, the souls of a wealthy businessman and a stunt woman get swapped! They develop a different kind of understanding towards each other when they have to function for a few days in each other’s bodies. The body-swapping incident teaches a tough stuntwoman and an arrogant rich man to understand a person who comes from a very different background without any social biases and the love blossoms.

These were some of the best and hottest Korean Dramas that are a must-watch. Do watch them and let us know which one you liked the most.

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