20 Hottest Korean Movies of All Time That Raise the Temperature

If you’re sick of watching sensual thrillers from Hollywood and Bollywood and want to see something new and different, look no further. We all know Korean movies are raising the bar nowadays and there is nothing better than a sensual Korean movie that you can watch. Hot Korean movies have captivating narratives and storylines that keep you fascinated, much like Korean dramas do. So we have curated a list for you so you do not have to waste your time finding some good content. Here is the list of 20 hottest Korean movies of all time.


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1. Love and  Leashes 

This sexy Korean movie is comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of style. The movie centers on a man and a woman who start dating and experiment with various ways to stoke their sexual chemistry, but eventually, it develops into an obsession that causes them to question their relationship. This is one of the hottest Korean movies of all time.

2.  My Sassy Girl

This movie is based on real-life stories in which Ho-sik Kim describes his love connection with his fiancée. In this film, it is discussed how being attracted to someone may make everything else fade into the background.

3.  Oasis 

This movie takes you on a journey of love between a social outcast and a person with cerebral palsy. Their romance is surely going to warm your heart.

4.  20th Century Girl

This movie centers on a teenage girl who struggles to control her best friend, who is infatuated with boys her age. However, in this case, she develops affection for a man, which finally causes her to lose control of her emotions. This is one of the hottest Korean movies of all time.

5 Sweet and Sour

A couple is showcased in this movie who is trying to maintain their long-distance romance without breaking up. It’s a charming tale that will hold your interest and keep you glued to the end.

6.  Il Mare

Il Mare is a romantic fantasy story about two people who correspond with one another over the course of two years through letters left in a mailbox. This is one of the hottest Korean movies of all time.

7.  Mood of the day

This movie starring Yoo Yeon Seok and Moon Chae is one of the hottest Korean movies of all time that you can watch.

8.  Tune in for Love

This movie deals with the ideas of love and faith and shows how a loving relationship can endure years of loneliness. A student and reticent character are followed in this sizzling Korean film as fate separates them after they first encounter in the 1990s. 

9. Lover’s Concerto

It is a romantic melodrama about bonds of friendship, jealousy, and love. The desire to own and own your partner often takes precedence over all other considerations but this movie might change your mind. A perfect movie to watch!

10.  Nothing Serious

A 29-year-old woman experiences sadness after a difficult breakup. She makes the decision that none of these romantic relationships or acts of love are her thing. She eventually joins a dating app though, and there she meets someone who drastically alters her feelings and emotions. This is one of the hottest Korean movies of all time.

11.  Love Forecast

This movie showcases a man who always loses the lady he loves despite giving everything he has to her. In contrast to another lead who is a bit aggressive and rough. 

12. Be With You

A woman passes away, devastating her husband and their young boy. She does, however, come back to life during the rainy season and cheers up her kid and husband once more. 

13. Too Beautiful To Lie 

When a stunning ex-con meets a gullible village pharmacist, a sequence of unanticipated events forces her to pose as his fiancée. One of the hottest Korean movies!.

14.  Seducing Mr. Perfect 

This is the tale of a relationship between two people who have quite different perspectives on it. One sees it as a game of power, and the other thinks that even when it leaves one feeling vulnerable, a mindless, unselfish love always wins.

15.  My Little Bride 

College student Sang-min is ecstatic about his carefree dating life, while childhood friend Bo-eun, 16, has a crush on a classmate from her school. Grandfather Bo-eun arranges Bo-union eun’s with Sang-min. 

16. A Man And A Woman

A 2016 romance drama movie about a woman Sang-min who goes to Finland for a camp for his autistic son, and an architect on dispatch duty in Finland whose son and wife are also dealing with mental illnesses. Both meet in snowcapped mountains stuck in a wooden cabin- spend a passionate night together and go back to their own lives without even knowing each other’s names.

17. The Housemaid

The Housemaid is a remake of the old Korean movie of the same name. It shows the story of a nanny taking care of a child of a wealthy couple. Hoon, the wealthy father seduces the nanny. However, the news gets out in the open, and now the nanny has to fight against the ruthless, wealthy, and powerful family hellbent on destroying her.

18. The Handmaiden

It is a historical Psychological erotic thriller showing the story of a handmaiden who is secretly involved in defrauding a wealthy heiress in a Japan-invaded Korea. The movie has got a progressive love story of lovers stuck in an oppressive world during times of war and conservative thinking.

19. High Society

It is a romance drama movie that narrates the tale of a young daughter of a Chaebol family who works a part-time job and hides her true identity to find someone who genuinely loves her instead of going for her wealth.

20. Watcha Wearin?

The movie is totally a unique one where a girl accidentally calls the wrong number and has phone sex with a stranger. Later, when her relationship with her boyfriend sours, she meets a new man who turns out to be that stranger on the phone!

These were the 10 hottest Korean movies of all time. Start binge-watching these movies and let us know which one you liked the most.

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