15 Bold And Hottest Movies on Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss


Oh, the pleasure of Netflix and relaxation. Movies, regardless of genre, have several functions. Sometimes a film’s primary goal is genuinely erotic. These films are excellent picks for a seductive date night (or even a night of quality alone time). These movies have hot chemistry, gorgeous actors, and occasionally surreal plots. This is a list of the steamiest and hottest movies on Netflix for a night in. Enjoy watching!


1. Addicted

Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal), a prosperous businesswoman, appears to lead a privileged existence. She has two lovely children, a great profession, and a fantastic, loving spouse in Boris Kodjoe. Zoe’s life may appear flawless to others, but she is secretly tormented by nymphomania. Her incessant need for sexual fulfilment drives her to live a hidden lifestyle, which could ultimately jeopardise her family, job, and life derived from a book by Zane.

2. Fifty Shades Of Grey

In place of her buddy the journalist, Anastasia conducts an interview with businessman Christian Grey. She learns early on in their relationship that his sexual life is influenced by his traumatic past.

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3. Dry Martina

An elderly musician makes the decision to visit Chile in an effort to find a lover and a stronger sense of self.

4. Newness

Two millennials navigating the social media-driven hookup culture in Los Angeles start a relationship that tests their physical and emotional limits.

5. Amar

A year into their relationship, Laura and Carlos, a young couple in first love, must deal with the harsh truths of life when the same force that initially brought them together causes them to part ways.

6. Kidnapping Stella

A lady who has been kidnapped off the street and is being held for ransom utilises her limited abilities to thwart the carefully thought-out intentions of their two captors.

7. White Girl

Morgan Saylor, a hard-partying college freshman from New York, tries to free Brian “Sene” Marc, a drug dealer, from prison.


8. 365 Days

When Laura, a straightforward sales director, travels to Sicily and is abducted by a mafia member named Massimo, her life is forever altered. Massimo holds her hostage for a year in an effort to win her heart. This is one of the most popular and hottest movies on Netflix.

9. Dark Desire

A married woman goes on a perilous weekend trip away from her home, sparking romance but ending in sorrow, leading her to wonder if the people close to her are telling the truth.

10. Romance Doll

Sonoko and Tetsuo’s relationship and marriage were predetermined. Without any hesitation, they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. That’s good to know. Well, maybe not. Even the ties of marriage cannot loosen the secrets that each of them harbours.

11. The Blue Lagoon

On a lush island in the South Pacific, a boy and girl are shipwrecked. Without adult supervision, the youngsters attempt to survive, but as soon as sexual maturity sets in, they start to feel drawn to one another.

12. Unfaithful

A married woman named Connie runs across an attractive stranger named Paul and develops feelings for him. However, her husband Edward becomes concerned when she pursues a relationship outside of the home with him.

13. MILF

Three friends in their 40s struggle with loss and heartache while on vacation in the south of France while engaging in heated liaisons with considerably younger guys.

14. Revenge

Jen and her wealthy boyfriend are on a romantic holiday when his two shady friends show up for an impromptu hunting excursion. The situation rapidly and violently worsens as tension rises in the home, leading to a stunning event that leaves Jen brutalised and left for dead. Sadly for her attackers, she survives and quickly starts a determined search for brutal retribution.

15. Dance Of The Forty One

Ignacio de la Torre wed Porfirio Dáz, the Mexican president’s daughter, at the turn of the 20th century. Ignacio maintains a double life, succeeding in both the conventional political realm and a secret organisation.

This was our list of the steamiest and hottest movies on Netflix. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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