How did these Famous 10 Brands Get Their Name


In the 21st century, we are so surrounded by brands that we often fail to notice their presence, an act called normalisation. And most often, we end up buying products not because of their quality but because of the brand name. At a time when a few brand names have become synonymous with the product, like Maggi, Colgate and Cola, it becomes extremely important to choose your name wisely.

But it is worth knowing the ideology and the thought that went down when people decided to name their rising brand in a particular way. Some were too much in love with their names to give up on it, while some others put in great thought. 

1. Adidas: Named after its founder Adolf Dassler, who was nicknamed Adi, and taking Das from Dassler, it was called Adidas.  



2. Budweiser: The beer was brewed in Budweis, Bohemia, since 1245 and Budweiser means ‘of Budweis’. Founder Adolphus Busch was inspired to make beer after a trip to this place. 


3. Google – It was derived from the word ‘googol’ which represents a hundred zeroes after one. It signifies how founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to give innumerable information to its users.



4. Intel – It is a short for integrated electronics.

5. Lego – It is derived from the Danish word ‘Leg Godt’, meaning ‘play well. Also, in Latin, Lego means ‘put together’. This however is a coincidence.



6. Amazon – CEO Jeff Bezos wanted to name his company with an ‘a’, so that it came among the top in a list. While browsing the dictionary, he came across the word ‘Amazon’, which was the largest river, just how he wanted his company to be. 


7. Sony – Derived from the Latin word ‘Sonus’ meaning sound; and an American slang ‘sonny’, meaning a bright youngster. 


8. HP (Hewlett Packard): David Packard and William Hewlett tossed a coin to decide whose name would come first in the company’s name.


9. Coca-Cola: This soda drink is made of two main ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts. The ‘K’ of Kola was changed to ‘C’, so the name looked better.   


10. Havells: This industrial switchgear company got its name from its owner Haveli Ram Gupta. 



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