How Does Face Up Pai Gow Poker Work – What To Know About The Game

You’ve probably had this notion when playing at a casino table game: If the dealer had to play their cards face up, it would be simpler to win. As long as you could see both of the dealer’s cards in blackjack and make the correct selection for your hand, you would always win.

Even while the dealer may play with their cards face up in several casino table games, there is always a cost associated with this option. In pai gow poker, face-up pai gow is no different from the others. 

Here’s everything you need to know about playing face-up pai gow poker, from the rules to the strategy to whether or not it’s worth your time. Additionally, in this article, you’ll get more information on how to reduce the risks of losing and increase your chances of succeeding.  

What Are The Rules Of Pai Gow?

The rules of face-up pai gow poker are identical to those of ordinary pai gow poker. Only a few rules differences separate the two games, which are played identically. Face up pai gow poker has a few simple rules, which we’ll go through now.

In face-up pai gow poker, one joker is used in addition to the usual deck of playing cards. This card may only be used to complete specified hands or as an ace if the other cards are all wild. Using a joker is only permitted in straights or flushes, unless when the card is used as an ace.

All hands are rated the same in pai gow except for straights, which are ranked lower. Except for a five-high straight, all straights rate the same in poker. 

Each player and the dealer create a five-card hand and a two-card hand separately. If you have a five-card hand, it must outrank a two-card hand. To construct their hand, the dealer follows a predetermined set of guidelines. As long as a player’s five-card hand is better than their two-card hand, they are free to play as they like. It’s a push if the dealer has an ace-high five-card hand when the game concludes. 

The five-card hands of the dealer and the player are now compared, as are the two-card hands of the dealer and the player. The dealer wins if he or she wins both hands. Player earns even money on their stake if he or she wins both hands. In traditional pai gow poker, the casino keeps 5% of the winnings from each stake, so, the total return to players who win the game is greater, but it is still less than 100%. Face-up pai gow poker, on the other hand, does not let players cash out.

Strategy For Playing Pai Gow Poker

Face up pai gow poker returns 98.4 percent. Although this isn’t the greatest return you’ll receive in most casinos, it’s still a respectable one. If you’re able to bank often, you’ll receive near to the return you’d get if you were playing regular pai gow poker.

Face-up pai gow poker returns 98.4% of the time. Although this isn’t the greatest return you’ll receive in most casinos, it’s still a respectable one. If you’re able to bank the game often, you’ll obtain a return that’s comparable to that of regular pai gow poker.

A common strategy in pai gow poker is to use the greatest possible five-card poker hand and then play the two cards that remain. It’s not the ideal approach to play this way. Making the greatest two-card hand you can but still having your five-card hand rank higher than your two-card hand is the optimal approach instead.

In traditional pai gow poker, it’s impossible to know what the dealer holds until after you’ve made your two hands. In face-up pai gow poker, you never have to wonder what the dealer is holding. It’s simpler to decide how to construct your two hands when you see the dealer’s cards.

With the right collection of cards, you may be able to beat the dealer’s two best hands without having to make the greatest five-card hand. As long as your five-card hand is better than your two-card hand, you may defeat the dealer with any two cards.

If you have six clubs, the king, and the ace of spades, for example. An ace-high flush is the greatest possible five-card hand. It is best to make a flush and employ the two aces as two cards for your two-card hand.

Playing pai gow poker face up may be a lot of fun if you like the conventional game of pai gow. An intriguing twist on the original game may be found here. If you ever get the opportunity, play this Asian game!

In most casinos, blackjack is the finest casino table game for a larger return on your money. There are so many hands in pai gow that finish in a push that you frequently lose less money even though you get a lesser return on your investment.

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