How These 11 Famous Couples Met Is No Less Than A Movie Story


They say, if there’s ‘romance’ it is in the studios of Yash Raj and Karan Johar. What they don’t tell you is that the biggies get the best of their romantic tales from real life stories. There are many couples existing in tinsel town who met the love of their lives in the most generic bollywood way possible, almost a love at first sight!


Proving our point, we have gathered for you some awesome ‘filmystyle’ ways in which celebrity couples met.

1.  They’re THE COUPLE of Bollywood.

Famous Couple 1

2. Greek gods also fall.

Famous Couple 2

3. A pastry shop! surely a love at first sight.

Famous Couple 3

4. Student-teacher relation stretched..

Famous Couple 4

5. Next time you wait outside a washroom look out for your love!Famous Couple 5

6. When I go to weddings, food is bae!


Famous Couple 6

7. Master blaster got bowled out!

Famous Couple 7

8. Apparently, celebs also resort to social media. Love can be found anywhere!

Famous Couple 8

9. College ka pyaar…

Famous Couple 9

10. We bet prez took inspiration from his lady love for being the prez he was. She was her mentor after all!

Famous Couple 10

11. Padhai aur pyaar…

Famous Couple 11

Marriages are made in heaven. Well, we don’t know about that… but if there’s a higher power watching over us, it sure is having a hell lot of fun making people meet in the most ‘regular’ Bollywood ways!

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