How the Indian Youth rocked this Republic Day!

Every 26th January, the Indian Youth unites in expression with their tri-color tattooed faces, watching the parade on TV and posting patriotic selfies on social media!

Known for unabashedly expressing their take on things, our country’s youth has always followed a ‘no-apologies’ approach when it comes to speaking their heart out on issues that matter. This Republic Day too, they’ve done what they do best, by sparking an online revolution of sorts, by sharing their vision of a new nation in an online activity titled #RockTheRepublic.

#RockTheRepublic 1

#RockTheRepublic 4

#RockTheRepublic 2

#RockTheRepublic 3

#RockTheRepublic 5
Micromax #RockTheRepublic

Here’s a tribute to the youth of the nation for truly leading a change and rocking the Republic!

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