How to calculate body fat using BMI calculator

Fats are crucial for the optimal functioning of the body that gives energy and boosts up the immune system. Furthermore, It helps our body to fight different diseases internally.

Excess of everything is bad – it is a known proverb and the same applies to fats. 

If the fat in the body increases from the normal amount it leads to obesity and causes different diseases. But how can we identify body fat? Here BMI got you covered. It is considered a reliable way to measure body fat – so you can have an idea of whether your body has too much body fat or not. 

So, let’s discuss how BMI can help in measuring body fat but before starting you need to know about BMI and how it works. 

What is BMI?

BMI is a body mass indicator that is calculated by using weight and height.You can check BMI using “”  BMI calculator.  It normally can’t directly measure body fat but indicates the normal, lower or higher level of body weight.  Higher the body weight the higher the BMI.

Method to measure body fat on BMI

The body fat on BMI can be calculated by using height and weight. To measure body mass and fats using online available BMI calculators, add height and weight in the text box. Click on “calculation” and here you get your BMI. 

To gauge and determine the level of body fats, you can compare it with the chart or indicators mentioned below. However, the BMI value is not correct in all cases and can be different for different bodies.

Categorical division of BMI

BMI values can be divide into different categories.

  • If the BMI value is less than 18.5 it indicates the underweight.
  • If it ranges from 19-24.9 the values show that the weight is normal.
  • 25-29.9 indicates the over-weight of the person.
  • 30 or more than 30 shows the person is suffering from obesity.

Healthy body fat range 

The values or calculations are different for males and females.

Age  Range of the healthy body fat

(for females)

Range of the healthy body fat

( for males)

20-40 21-33% 8-19%
41-60 23-35% 11-22%


Mass of the body fat can be measured by the total weight of bones, muscles, fat, water, etc in the body. Maybe the body weight of the person with muscles and a person suffering from obesity is the same. But, healthy body fat is different for both persons.

Risks Associated with High Body Mass Index 

  • If the BMI value is high it indicates obesity.
  •  A high fat rate in the body causes many diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other medical issues.
  • A high BMI may have a high risk of diabetes.

How to improve BMI 

First of all, you have enough knowledge related to the body and the internal condition of your body. Consult your doctor or dietitian. Create a goal in your mind. If you want to lose weight also include exercise and work out in your routine. It increases blood circulation and also improves the heart rate. On the other hand, shift to a healthy diet for a healthy lifestyle.


The above information gives you enough knowledge about body fat and body weight. You can conclude your BMI and can relate to the indicators mentioned above. These calculations can help you to determine your body fat. For further questions drop your message below.

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