How to choose clothes according to the type of figure for men?

To choose the right clothes, it is not enough to know only your size. It is equally important to consider the type of figure. Only in this case, things will fit you in size, as well as emphasize the dignity of your physique, while hiding the flaws, if any, of course, there are. There are four main types of male figures: “Rectangle”, “Inverted Triangle”, “Triangle” and “Oval”. In this article, we will explore the features of each of them. Also consider clothes that are suitable or, conversely, not recommended for a particular body type.

It is important to note that when choosing clothes for each type of figure, it must be taken into account that the standard is an athletic man with an athletic build. Therefore, when choosing things, you should focus on the shoulders and chest, so that the silhouette looks more like a rectangle or an inverted triangle.


The owners of the “Rectangle” figure have approximately the same volume of hips, shoulders and chest. At the same time, the waist is not expressed, and the shoulders are not very wide. If you have a rectangular body, then you are in luck. Most shops sell clothes just for your body type. In addition, such a physique is very plastic.

Men with a rectangular figure can easily make it more athletic. To do this, give preference to jackets, coats or pea coats with wide lapels. Remember that layering V-shaped lines in an image creates an inverted triangle effect. Therefore, choose T-shirts, pullovers and jackets with a V-shaped neckline.

To visually lengthen the silhouette, choose shoes with a slightly elongated toe. As for trousers, skinny models are more suitable for you. If your height is less than 175 cm, then it is recommended to choose the top and bottom in the same color scheme, for example, dark blue. This will create the effect of a taut figure and silhouette. Don’t forget additional clothing details (such as a jacket or coat with two rows of buttons). They will make the silhouette of your figure more powerful and square.

Men with a “Rectangle” figure should place more emphasis on clothing in the shoulder area. Butterfly, scarf, scarf – all this will help to visually expand the shoulders and give the figure a more stately look. However, take note that oversized clothing (oversized) is not recommended for such a physique. In addition, large-knit sweaters, solid-colored crew-neck T-shirts and low-waisted trousers are not suitable for rectangular figures.

Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle men have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a waist. The owners of this type have an athletic and sporty silhouette. Considering that the shoulders in this figure are already wide, it is not worth emphasizing their width even more.

For men with an inverted triangle physique, straight-zip leather jackets, solid colors, and V-neck jackets and sweaters are great. The top does not need to be heavily overloaded with details, otherwise the image will turn out to be too heavy. A combination of a dark top and a light bottom will look spectacular. At the same time, the landing of trousers can be either medium or low. It is better to choose shoes with a thickened sole in order to visually increase the volume of the leg.

By the way, keep in mind that it is extremely difficult for an Inverted Triangle figure to buy ready-made clothes. Be prepared that many things, especially RM Williams shirts and jackets, you will have to tailor. Otherwise, they will look too baggy.


How to distinguish “Triangle” from other types of shapes? Such men have wide hips and buttocks, but narrow shoulders. To make the physique seem more proportional, you need to emphasize the upper body and make the lower one less noticeable.

We have already given some useful recommendations for men with a rectangular body type. They are also suitable for a triangular physique. But there are a few important things to keep in mind here. Since the bottom and hips of this figure are quite wide, it is best to choose trousers and jeans in darker tones, and the top is light. This will focus on the shoulders. This is because dark blue and black colors, as well as other dark shades, visually remove excess volume and make the figure more slender.

If you have a triangular figure, then do not choose too tight bottom. Otherwise, there will be the effect of squeezed legs and wide buttocks. Also focus on the shoulders, preferring things with wide lapels or textured scarves. It is equally important that the clothes you choose for the top are textured or printed, which will visually increase the volume of the shoulders.


Distinctive features of the male figure “Oval” are rounded sides, a pronounced belly, rather wide buttocks and hips. Sometimes there may also be shortened legs. This is the most difficult type of figure, so clothes for it must be selected very carefully.

To make the silhouette more slender, it is desirable for the owners of an oval figure to stop make your choice on contrasting combinations in clothes. For example, a combination of white and burgundy or light sand and black colors looks good in this case. Also choose bright contrasting details on clothes or accessories (for example, on shoes and socks). By the way, a polo with contrasting inserts will look very advantageous.

For the “Oval” figure, blurry or small prints should not be chosen: the lines should be clear and strict. A three-piece suit plus a contrasting combination of a vest and a shirt would be an ideal option in a business style. For example, it could be a darker suit and a lighter shirt. A combination of a cardigan and a jacket is also perfect. You can easily lose visually 10-15 kilograms if you wear a jacket with one button and a deep neckline.

On oval figures, bright ties with light shirts will look great. It is important that trousers and jeans are of a straight silhouette. In no case do not choose narrowed models, as they will tightly fit and emphasize the volume of the abdomen. Be sure to slightly “overload” the bottom, for example, by tucking up jeans or trousers and choosing shoes with thickened soles.

Now, knowing your body type, it will be easier for you to choose clothes. You will immediately be able to approximately determine whether this or that style of thing suits you. Not only will this save you time shopping for clothes, but it will also allow you to create stylish looks that show off your muscular silhouette.

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