Little Things You Should Do To Enjoy The Rains To The Fullest

Somebody has rightly said that ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ The days of the rainy season do not have to be mundane, sitting indoors & sipping tea. In general, it is perceived that the months of Monsoons are glum and dark, but that is a misconception. Rains can be quite pleasurable indoors as well as outdoors and one can enjoy a wide range of activities in the rainy season.

1) Trekking

The lush green landscapes & clouds kissing the mountains in the rains are best experienced on foot. There are immeasurable trekking routes all across the Himalayas and the Western Ghats. Most of the trek routes are best when enjoyed during the Monsoons, with the spatter of rain adding a hint of treble to the symphony of nature.

2) Photography

The dark clouds looming over the sky, and blanketing the surface from the rays of the sun during the rains are a delight to the photographer’s eye. Whether you are a professional or an amateur behind the lens the photos that you capture will, without a doubt, be awe-inspiring.

3) Watch your favorite movies and shows at home

Watching your favorite movies and TV shows in the comfort of your couch is one of the best and most comforting things in the rains. You could download the tv shows/series you want to catch from pirate bay in advance as rains and storms often cause disruptions in internet connectivity. You can use a pen drive and your laptop and watch all the episodes without worrying about whether you have internet or not.

4) Sail Paper Boats in Water Streams

Who hasn’t enjoyed sailing paper boats in rain water streams? We have all imagined our paper boats to either be a cruise ship carrying hundreds of people on a journey across a big river, or a powerful warship on a mission to destroy the enemy lines as they sailed along the streams created by the god of rain. Rip out a couple of sheets from an old notebook and revive your forgotten memories.

5) Watch the rainbow in clear skies

Rainbows have always been one of the most beautiful and elusive natural phenomena. They excite children and adults alike. A visual treat that never fails to mesmerize and hypnotize, rainbows add life to the otherwise grey and blue rain skies. The beauty of a rainbow is multiplied when viewed from a picturesque setting. Rainbow hunting can be a fine adventure and it can make a perfect date too.

6) Playing In Water Puddles

Splashing the water collected in the puddles will definitely make one nostalgic. Relive childhood memories with water between your toes and feel the splashes of rain water without caring for the stares of people passing by; they might remember their own childhood and join you. Drop your shoes and jump into the nearest puddle.

7) Gardening

The rains soften the earth and provide an abundance of nutrients required for the growth of plants in one’s garden. The monsoons are the best season for saplings to bloom, and along with them, weeds and noxious plants that need to be removed also flourish. If you love getting your hands soiled then there is nothing better than grooming gardens in the monsoons.

8) Bike Rides

Rain Gods do not deter the spirits of bikers. All that one needs are a few precautionary steps, like checking the grip on the wheels, the functionality of the brakes and engine oil, once done the bike and the biker are good to go. The wind on the face with a sprinkle from above; it is pure bliss on two wheels. Several bike trips, especially around the Western Ghats are actually organized during the Monsoon. The highways leading out of the city or country roads that are less travelled are equally congenial during the rains.

9) Get Completely Drenched in the Rain At least once

Monsoons are incomplete unless one gets completely drenched in the rains from the top to the bottom at least once during the season. The delight is exponentially multiplied when your entire gang or with someone you love dearly is with you. The bonds that you share are only tightened as you get wet in the pouring rain.

10) Playing Football

Most of the games are stopped in the rain, or they may take a backseat and the game may become slower, but not football. The rains pump the blood of footballers and spectators alike. The dirt, slurry, and sweat amalgamate with each other to create the best experience of football. Grab your football studs and head out to the nearest field and enjoy the game in the rains. Heavier the rain, the greater becomes the charm of the game.

11) Bhuttas

Consuming street food during the months of Monsoon is usually discouraged, but having fresh cobs of fire roasted Bhutta during the rains is a different level of satisfaction. Glazed with rock salt and lime Bhuttas make the perfect companion for a cup of tea in the rain.

We hope you enjoy this rainy season to the fullest!

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