How to Make Delicious Coffee at Home


Morning. A light breakfast is being prepared. A unique and recognizable coffee aroma spreads throughout the house. The gloomy mood wakes up and is transformed for the whole day. Connoisseurs and lovers know that coffee at home has special properties. Drowsiness disappears, speed of reactions appears, attention improves. What else do you need to start a good day?

How to make coffee at home so that the drink is not only tasty, but also healthy? We all often prepare it in different ways. The aftertaste leaves the feeling that the secret of how to brew coffee correctly has not been revealed.

How to make coffee, what secret ingredients make up the best composition? Everything is simple. It has only two constant ingredients – water and coffee of a certain grinding. Therefore, the taste and aroma directly depend on the quality of coffe maker.

Water plays an important role

Water is most often spoiled by hardness salts. Therefore, before thinking about how to brew delicious coffee, you should check the degree of contamination of the water used for the drink. If necessary, filters should be installed on the water pipes. They are of different types.

Some coffee machines have a filtration process. But the best option is complex water purification.

Coffee – which one to choose?

Now let’s talk about the main thing – about coffee. Before deciding how to brew coffee at home, you need to know that there are many options for grinding and roasting it. Thus, the assortment of Sunny Plantations includes several types in each category: ground, in grains, decaffeinated, in pods, in capsules, one hundred percent Arabica. There are several types of grinding: for Turks, coffee machines, geyser coffee makers, in beans

We advise you to purchase several varieties, mix them in different proportions and create your own formula for the perfect drink.

Having chosen the option you like on the site, it remains only to decide how to brew coffee at home.

The coffee machine completes the whole process with little or no human intervention. Therefore, in our article we will reveal the secrets of how to properly brew coffee at home, in a Turk. This is the most common way to create a drink.

Useful practical tips

Baristas recommend not to brew a large amount of drink at a time. Its tart, rich taste will show itself better in a Turk with an average volume of 100-150 ml. This amount corresponds to one serving.

Before brewing coffee (by analogy with tea), the dishes are poured with boiling water. This eliminates the temperature difference between it and the surrounding air. You should also pour the finished product into a heated cup.


The drink made from freshly ground coffee is most valued. Since all useful essential oils and substances have not yet evaporated from it.

Many people are concerned about how to brew coffee correctly: what temperature of water is preferable to use? The answer is simple – it should be warm.

It is not necessary to bring to a boil, as well as heat several times. This increases the acidity in the drink, worsening its taste. After removing from heat, it will ferment for about three more minutes, reaching readiness. By the way, it doesn’t affect the quality at all, whether you use a gas, electric stove or cook on sand.

Sugar is recommended to put already in the cup. Brewing with it does not allow coffee to express itself fully.

Homemade coffee recipes often involve the use of additives. These are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, anise. Some are more common in food than in drink: hot peppers, cloves, or salt.

How to make delicious Turkish coffee?

 Turkish coffee has been brewed since the 16th century, it is a great way to get a cup of strong and aromatic drink at home.

Put an empty cezve on a minimum fire on the stove and warm it up for 40 seconds;

Coffee. Pour 102 tablespoons of ground coffee on the bottom, add sugar. Allow this powder mixture to warm slightly.

Water. Must be cold. We fill the Turk so that about 1.5 centimeters remain to the narrow part.

Cook until foam appears, remove from heat. When the cap has settled, heat again.

We repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

Pour the finished drink into cups. Leave for 60 seconds to settle thick.


Try any seasoning, create your own style, because now you know how to make coffee.

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