How to Make Downtime Fun When Traveling

Travel looks to be making a comeback, although the manner in which we travel, where we go, and the type of holiday may change to include new social distancing restrictions, flight concerns, and more environmentally friendly travel. The good news is that we will travel once more; the bad news, is that there will still be downtime and waiting times that you will experience on your travels. In fact, this downtime may have increased with additional paperwork required at borders, fewer transport options available, and longer waiting times at sightseeing attractions. Here are some tips as to how you can make your downtime more interesting when you next travel.

Play mobile and online games

Having your favorite mobile games or casino games like slots and cards that you can access and play while you wait is a great time killer. Look for free games or versions of the ones you normally play, and online casinos like Jackpotcity will have multiple games for you to try while you wait around. The idea is to make the downtime fun, and playing these games on your mobile device will also make it an activity that you can continue on the train or bus when your journey continues.

Go talk to some locals

As long as you follow the required social distancing and interaction guidance, you should make time to talk and interact with locals. There is no better way to get to know a place than by interacting and socializing with the people who live there.

Read or write

It’s the simple things in life that will sometimes provide the most enjoyment and even return on the investment of your time. Take a means to read on your travels, and you will have hours of entertainment. The trick here is not to take actual books, but the digital versions to reduce the weight of bags and make it possible to take more books. Another great pastime is to read local travel advice and information, if you have the time and will need the information, then it’s a perfect use of your time.

Alternatively, you can write. Write a travel blog, provide travel information and advice or simply diarize your journey. The addition of photographs and specific travel itineraries will make for a valuable resource that could be the start of a new fun pastime.

Sample the local food or culture

Depending on when the downtime occurs and if you are able to, it’s intrinsic to add authenticity to your trip by sampling some of the local wares. Buy a souvenir, sample the street food or café culture, and of course, take some great photos and selfies while doing all this.

The aforenoted tips and ideas will allow you to make your downtime more fun on your next trip or holiday. By having a set idea of what you can do and planning accordingly, you will be surprised at how quickly the waiting will go and how much fun you can have.

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