How to Make Stickers with Vograce

Stickers are not only fun and expressive, but they also allow you to showcase your creativity in a compact and versatile form. Whether you use them to create custom keychains or paste them on your laptop, they express your artistic nature. If you are looking to create custom stickers that truly reflect your one of a kind style, Vograce is a fantastic platform that you should definitely explore. Let’s guide you through the process of making stickers with Vograce, offering you tips and insights and tons of pros along the way. Let’s take a dive and get that art brainpower to work. 

Conceptualize Your Design

Before jumping into the sticker-making process, take some time to brainstorm and conceptualize your design. Consider why you want to make these stickers and how are you going to sell the design you make. Do you want the stickers to have a hand painted effect or a digital art one? These are things you have to brainstorm on before finalizing your designs. When creating Artwork, Be sure to follow Vograce’s guidelines for the file format, size, and resolution so you can receive the perfect sticker print! 

Upload and Customize on Vograce

Head over to Vograce’s website and navigate to their sticker customization section. Upload your designs and choose from the massive variety you get in Vograce’s designing section. Keeping in mind the format and resolution necessities, you can choose your sticker to be just the way you want. Your digital art is just steps away from becoming a reality. You can also write down any additional instructions or requirements you may have for the prints. 

Finishing Touches for the Designs 

To make your stickers truly stand out from everyone else, Vograce offers some additional finishing options too! You can opt for glossy or matte coatings, holographic effects, or even custom die-cut shapes to add a touch of uniqueness to your creations and give it all to the beautiful designs you made. It depends on whether you want to create an acrylic keychain out of it or use it on a water bottle. Consider these options carefully to enhance the visual impact of your stickers. This will affect your sales as people always have preferences for their stickers. 

Review and Confirm! 

And that’s the entire process! Once you select everything all you have to do is review it once again to double check for any errors. After you have paid for your order, Vograce will ship them to you in time and perfectly packed. So you can have them in excellent condition and ready to go off to their new homes! 


Making custom stickers with Vograce is an exciting and fulfilling process that allows you to unleash your creativity. It lets you learn so much too, from creating digital art to uploading and reviewing it on websites. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild, and start creating your very own vibrant sticker collection today!

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