How to make your date unforgettable: use video chat

Tell us, how do you imagine a first date? We’re sure a picture will be created in your subconscious: a romantic evening with candlelight, a pleasant conversation, a nice atmosphere and the feeling that you just met the person you always dreamed of…

However in practice, first dates often turn out to be far from as ideal as we want. Here are just a few real examples where things didn’t go as planned:

  • A guy and a girl agreed to meet at a restaurant. He took the initiative and ordered a shrimp salad and a glass of expensive wine for his companion. It would seem that everything was perfect. However… The girl was allergic to shrimp and did not drink alcohol at all. The situation became a bit awkward.
  • The second example is even more simple. The guy decided that shorts and a T-shirt were a great outfit for a first date. And that may have been fine if the girl did not arrive in… a beautiful cocktail dress.
  • And, to top it off, a girl agreed on a date with a guy she liked. And he came… with his girlfriend.

These are not isolated cases! Just look for similar situations on the internet. You’d be surprised how often first dates go wrong. But these cases have something in common — a misunderstanding between people.

Why potential partners are often disappointed on first dates

Today, a huge number of people meet on the internet. This is a completely normal practice and we have nothing against it. But the problem is that almost always interaction takes place via text. For example, let’s say you meet someone on a popular app like Tinder or Bumble. What information do you have about the person? There isn’t much. Only what is written in their profile, and a few of their better photos. This is followed by short-term messaging, in which your inaccurate idea of the other person only gets worse.

In the end, you form an image of the person that can be extremely far from reality. After this, the first real meeting will inevitably cause only disappointment. After all, what you have before you is not the ideal image you put together. And not the one that your date has been trying to create all this time. As a result, first dates very often turn out to be last dates.

What to do and how not to be disappointed with your first meeting

The most important advice is not to be limited only to text messages! They will never give you an objective view of a person. If you really want to get to know your chat partner better before an offline date, the first step is to arrange a video call. Or even better — initially get acquainted in video chat so as not to create false images for yourself.

There are a lot of great video chat services where communication takes place live:

  • Camsurf — pretty simple but still popular video chat with a gender filter. But here it is worth saying that the filter does not work as accurately as in CooMeet, and is often mistaken. Nevertheless, it is still a very convenient platform for dating and live communication.
  • Bazoocam — video chat that, although a bit outdated, can still offer its users something interesting. For example, there are online mini-games you can play with other participants. Plus, it has its own video streaming platform.
  • Azar — random video chat service with a filter for users by country and by gender. It also can conduct and view online video streams. But keep in mind that the video broadcast format is not very well suited for face-to-face dating. It’s more of a way to pass the time.
  • Holla — video chat with a nice “cartoon” design that will especially appeal to a younger audience. Among the search settings here, as expected, are gender and geographic filters. Otherwise, this is quite a classic chatroulette.
  • CooMeet — online service where you can make a live video call with girl, as its main advantage is an error-free gender filter. For greater convenience, the service has a built-in message translator.
  • Chatspin — video chat with an emphasis on anonymity and confidentiality. By most parameters, this is also quite a traditional chatroulette, but the AI masks that you can use to hide your face from the other users arouse interest. If you need some extra anonymity when dating, Chatspin can be a good option.
  • Joi — simple online video chat for smartphones that offers users traditional gender and geographic filters. The app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Chatrandom — a functional video chat, which, in addition to basic functions, themed chat rooms, in which you can interact with many like-minded people at once, may be especially interesting. Chatrandom also has a separate chat with girls feature, but you will need a premium account to access it.

As you can see, there are a lot of options. You can choose a video chat according to your requirements and wishes. The main thing is the opportunity to communicate with people face to face and get to know them better. In this way, dating will take place in a comfortable atmosphere, you save a lot of time, and even before the first date, you can understand whether this person is right for you or not.

“But online date is boring”

Believe us, this is a very common misconception. In the understanding of many people, video communication or a video date is when two people simply sit in front of their cameras and talk. We will not deny that such video dates can happen, and for many, this option is fine.

But a video date can be much more varied if you approach it more creatively!

Here are some unique options on how to make a video date really interesting:

  • Watching a movie together. Many online services already now offer users the opportunity to synchronously watch movies, TV series and TV shows, being far away from each other. For example, this feature has been on Netflix for quite some time. Just choose an interesting movie or series for both of you, turn it on and watch together, while remaining in touch.
  • Joint cooking and dinner. You can agree on the preparation of a certain dish, everyone will buy the necessary products, and then you will cook something delicious together in the video. In the end you’ll have a joint romantic dinner.
  • Video game in cooperative mode. If you both like video games, this is a great opportunity to have fun and get to know each other better. Turn on the co-op mode and play together. Of course, you can continue to video chat to see each other in person.
  • Virtual tour. There are special services where you can attend virtual tours of interesting places on the planet, art galleries, museums, and so on. But you can go the other way — open Google Maps “Street View” function, and give your date a virtual tour of your city. And they can give you the same excursion around their city.

The main goal of such video dates is not just to have a more exciting and eventful time, but also to get to know the other user as much as possible. Spending time together, even in an online format, will give you a much more accurate idea of ​​a person. You’ll find out what they are interested in and like, which of your interests and hobbies are the same, and in which you are completely different.

This means that, by the time of the first “real” offline date, you already know your date well enough and will definitely not be expecting any surprises. Of course, we don’t say that you can learn absolutely everything about a person in video chat. Of course, you can’t. You need to spend a lot more time with a person to really get to know them well. But it is still better than just text chatting day after day.

Finally, we want to give one more small piece of advice: don’t limit yourself to just one format of dating and communication. There’s no perfect dating site. The more options you use, the higher your chances of success. We’re sure that many interesting and promising meetings are ahead of you. And one of them will surely become a fruitful one!

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