How to Motivate Yourself to Do Sports?


Another Monday has passed, and you again found a reason to postpone the “start of a new life”? We have already bought a yoga mat, and dumbbells are waiting in the wings, and every day the inner voice says: “I will definitely start exercising tomorrow!” If you smile, then you recognize yourself. And, believe me, you are not alone, it is not easy to force yourself to go in for sports, fitness, or at least morning exercises. Even the first classes are not as difficult as the desire to continue, not to stop, to find motivation and reach your goal. Without motivation, it is always difficult to do anything and even more so to train your body.

Self-motivation skills are necessary for anyone who wants to change their life, health and figure for the better.

Our advice for those who are looking for something to motivate themselves to start regular sports activities.

1 – Determine the cause

Ask yourself: “Why do I need to go to the gym?” Each person has one, main, clear goal only for him, having reached which he will receive the desired result. Clearly define why you definitely need to go to the gym, why does your body need extra physical activity, and what do you want to achieve in the end?

Be sure to identify your own cause and then focus on it. This is your main motivation, think about it constantly, and then you will want to make every effort to achieve the task.

2 – Learning to think positively

Positive thinking helps to change the attitude towards sports. What words do we usually force ourselves to use? “You must”, “You must” and so on. You feel the heaviness of these phrases, and try to imagine how cheerful you will experience after a workout, how pleasant muscle fatigue will remind you of its effectiveness, and how changes in the mirror will please you. It’s a completely different feeling, so you don’t need to turn the joy of movement into labour service. Buy beautiful and comfortable shapewear, so every time you look in the mirror, your reflection makes you happy.

3 – Set small but achievable goals

Setting goals is essential for good motivation, and the simpler and smaller they are, the faster you will achieve them. Everyone will have their own, from regular attendance at training sessions to set their own little records.

The achieved goal is a great motivation for setting the following goals.

4 – Penalize ourselves for weakness and reward ourselves for victories

Set yourself penalties for missing classes. What they will be, you decide, the main thing is to feel that you succeeded in punishing yourself. Most likely it will not be your favourite thing or deprivation of something pleasant or tasty.

Such is the “whip” for himself. But if there is a “stick”, then there must be “carrots”, which you can also come up with to reward yourself for any, even small achievements.

5 – Don’t be too hard on yourself

This point is especially true for perfectionists, who should have everything to the maximum, if training, then for wear, if it didn’t work out, then it’s a weakling, etc.

Don’t ask too much of yourself. Understand that all people are different, sometimes not physically prepared for high results. The main thing here is not to retreat, if it doesn’t work out, be persistent and gradually move towards your goal.

6 – Take group classes

Working with a group of like-minded people is always more interesting than working alone.

There you can share your achievements and ask for help when something does not work out. There will be a reason to expand the circle of friends, and find new friends.

7 – Start a diary

This is a great idea for motivation. In the diary, you can record all your results and achievements, as well as all the impressions of the past workout.

Try rereading the diary when you don’t feel like going to a workout, plunge into your own emotions written down on paper, and feel the desire to feel them again.

8 – Put stickers everywhere

We are talking about bright stickers with motivational phrases. Every time

involuntarily reading a phrase that caught our eye, we imperceptibly rearrange our thinking and thus can change established beliefs or habits.

9 – Take a selfie

We are always motivated by visible results, so why not take a selfie before and after a workout with a phone in hand. The photo will quickly show you what changes have occurred. Compare the photo of a week ago with the last one and see the real result. Well, how can you stop improving after that?

10 – Invite a friend

It’s a good idea to start exercising with a close friend or girlfriend. Firstly, more fun, and secondly, there is some responsibility. Having agreed to go to training already, you won’t shirk, because they are counting on your presence. Plus, competition is a great motivator. Compete with each other who will do the exercise more or better.

11 – Just enjoy

During training, you can listen to your favourite music or interesting audiobooks, or learn foreign languages, in other words, do what you like. Don’t take exercise as your responsibility. Enjoy your results and everything will work out for you.

12 – Try something new

Make it a rule to bring newness into your life. Take yoga or oriental dance classes, go for walks, ride a bike, and change the time of your workouts.

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