How to Promote YouTube Channel: a detailed guide

YouTube is a video hosting site with a two billion audience that generates a huge amount of new content every day. 

First of all, you need to understand that YouTube belongs to Google. Most of the principles of promotion are similar to those of the search engine. This means that the content has to be useful, people have to find what they’re looking for when they open your video. 

What should the content be?

The system’s algorithms look at what percentage of the audience has seen your video through to the end. Those videos that engage better are ranked higher and are shown in recommendations. Look at the stats of your videos. If more than 60 percent of viewers drop out in the first minute, you need to change your subject matter or information presentation.

It’s also important that the video is relevant to the topic of the channel and the interests of your audience.


It’s important to design your video so that your target audience will see it. If you learn how to choose the right title for your niche, it will allow you to attract a huge stream of relevant audience.

Video optimization

Optimization helps content to appear in search engines and in the trending section. This means users can find your channel faster and subscribe to it. Let’s list a number of ranking factors you should consider to develop your channel:

  • average number of views and retention time
  • shares
  • number of likes and dislikes and their ratio.
  • comments
  • number of subscribers

Nowadays, there’s a lot of competition on YouTube, and sometimes it’s difficult to reach the top, get more subscribers, likes, and views. But you can always buy them to help your channel grow and develop! This is especially important during the first 24 hours after video posting when algorithms analyze the success. If the content gains a lot of comments and views immediately, YouTube starts offering it to more viewers – it functions like a snowball effect.

Buy YouTube views, views with high retention time, comments and likes quickly, safely, and most importantly for the price of a cup of coffee on Viewsta.


From the first time, you watch it on YouTube analytics. Give at least half an hour a day to it. You should clearly understand which steps bring you subscribers, which videos are successful and which are not, at what second users stop watching the video and why. 

Don’t forget that in addition to a content plan, channel optimization, and content, you need promotion. Without advertising, you will never see the result. Order quality and safe YouTube channel promotion from SMM-panel #1 – Viewsta.

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