If Animals Treated Us Like We Treat Them


It’s a known fact that of all the species of animals that walk the earth, humans are the most destructive. We pretty much run the world and use everything on it the way we like. But what if there existed a parallel universe where the roles were reversed and the animals treated us the way we treat them? Here’s a peek.


The dancing man, the choreographer monkey 

In a Parallel Universe-monkeyy

Man getting cut. 

In a Parallel Universe-tree

Leg piece? Nah! Full human! 

In a Parallel Universe-chicken

When the hunter becomes the prey.

In a Parallel Universe-pigen

Whip him good!

In a Parallel Universe-Horse


What’s roasting?

In a Parallel Universe-pig

Playing catch is fun, right?

In a Parallel Universe-dog

Fishing for humans. 

In a Parallel Universe-fish

Not a sight worth seeing, but nevertheless. 

In a Parallel Universe-Zoo

Human skin would make a great scarf! 

In a Parallel Universe-fox

Hope that changes your perspective towards animals and how they deserve to be treated.

That’s all folks!

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