14 Venn Diagrams Depict the ‘Ideals Of Indian Society’


We all strive to be the best. We are all in a rush to prove ourselves. But are we successful? You are often stuck in the cycle of being considered as an unworthy son, a bad daughter or an inappropriate bride.


Well, we have the solution so you can be ‘ideal’ in the society. One who pleases everyone and who is loved by all. Here are 14 Venn diagrams that sum up the ‘ideals’ of our Indian society.

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1. Ideal Son 

The definition of ideal in India is ambiguous at best. Here’s how most parents (and the Indian society at large) views it.

Ideals Of Indian Society

2. Ideal Daughter

A daughter who does the household chores, hardly ever ventures out and gets married when her folks tell her to (and to whoever they pick) is considered ideal by the Indian society. Enough said.

Ideals Of Indian Society

3. Ideal Boyfriend

Not sure if the Indian society is OK with the logic of having a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop one from creating ideals, does it?

Ideals Of Indian Society

4. Ideal Girlfriend

The logic applies to girlfriends too. But the standards vary a bit.

Ideals Of Indian Society

5. Ideal Roommate

Anyone who has ever had a roommate would totally relate to this. If only dreams came true. Sigh.

Ideals Of Indian Society

6. Ideal Person to Friendone

Every guy’s worst nightmare. Ever.

Ideals Of Indian Society

7. Ideal Groom

Shaadi is a big deal. This is how most in-laws would like their daughter’s groom to be.


Ideals Of Indian Society

8. Ideal Bride

Brides too have to live up to these unreal (and archaic) expectations.

Ideals Of Indian Society

9. Ideal Employee

Employees don’t have it easy either, with every boss hoping for their employees to be this way.

Ideals Of Indian Society

10. Ideal Friend

These kinda make sense though. I’d like my friends to be this way. What about you?

Ideals Of Indian Society

11. Ideal Wife

Being a wife isn’t exactly an easy feat. Especially with these expectations in place.

Ideals Of Indian Society

12. Ideal Husband

Husbands don’t have it easy either. Women have hopes and dreams too, you know!

Ideals Of Indian Society

13. Ideal Teacher

Now this one we totally support! How I wish I had teachers like this growing up.

Ideals Of Indian Society

14. Ideal Boss

Finally, this is wishful thinking at best. Hope my boss is reading this and takes a cue.

Ideals Of Indian Society

Everybody pictures ideal versions of the people they surround themselves with, differently. With time, Indian society is breaking the stereotypes. However, a corny Indian mind would still consider an ideal son to be an engineer, doctor or MBA and call him “nalaayak” if he smokes. Not that we are endorsing smoking, FYI!

What do you think of these depictions of Indian society? Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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