If Cartoon Characters were Desi!


I don’t know about you but our favorite thing to do growing up was waking up on a weekend and binge watching on cartoons over bowls and bowls of soupy Maggi noodles! They entertained us, inspired us and had us glued to our TV sets. But then, one thing that always bothered us was the lack of Indian references. Because let’s face it. All of these cartoons were set in firangi countries and we had a tough time relating to them (despite how much we loved watching them). And that’s why, we bring to you the desi version of our favorite cartoons. Yep, we’ve reimagined what your favorite cartoon characters would look like if they were Indian. Read on for the laughs.


1) Sharmaji ka beta would make even the boy genius himself – Dexter jealous

2) The Gujjar Kachuas would show ‘em is the boss!

3) The Powerpuff Girls would cause a real dangal!

4) Flintstones will trade their favourite dino with a cow. Because you know, cow inki bhi mata hai


5) Kyunki Ash sabko pakad lega!

6) Popeye would be a popat and sell palak for a living!

7) Richie Rich would be the guy bragging about his baap to everyone.

8) Scooby Doo and Shaggy would trade pizza for pav bhaji!

And there you have it, our very own desi cartoons that you and your fam could totally relate to. How’d you like them? Let us know in comments!

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