If Our Favorite Celebrities Went Back to School

School years are the best years of our lives and there is no denying that. But what makes them so awesome isn’t just the freedom from the responsibilities of adulthood but also the classmates who made things all the more entertaining.

Every class we ever were in was full of “characters” who with their intentional (and sometimes unintentional) antics would leave us ROFL-ing. But have you ever wondered what some of our favorite celebs must’ve been like in school? Well, they’d mostly be mini versions of themselves, and just as hilarious. Scroll down to find out more!

1) Pappu must’ve always been a Pappu

2) Alok Nath must’ve been late to classes as he was busy aarti-ing all night

3) Yuvi’s dad must’ve been against friendship with Dhoni

4) Kejru must’ve blamed Modi for not finishing his homework, and pretty much everything else

5) Modi and Shah must’ve been big time troublemakers

6) Arnab must’ve scared the living daylight out of his classmates and teachers

7) Daya must’ve gotten in a lot of trouble for breaking doors and entering

8) Kapil Sharma must’ve been the class clown

9) Rajnikanth must’ve defied laws of physics, maths and pretty much everything else. ‘Cause he is Thalaivaa, that’s why

So which celebrity would you like to see back in school? Let us know in comments section below!

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