If Politicians Starred In Movies


Before we even begin with this one we must clarify that we intend no disrespect to any politician or political party. Please don’t sue us. Thanks! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s hard to take Indian politicians and their antics seriously.

Characters in their own unique way, sometimes it seems as if they’ve come straight out of a Bollywood masala flick. If you don’t believe us, keep your political affiliations aside and observe their behavior objectively. You’d know exactly what we are talking about. And if you have a tough time doing that, we have reimagined Bollywood flicks starring our ‘favourite’ politicos. You’re welcome!

1) Because running a country is like a game of chess. And some just know how to play better than others.

2) Because some people are all words and no action

3) Because blood is thicker than water, and family always comes first

4) Because fate, conscience, and circumstance don’t favor everyone.


5) Because it’s all in their DNA

6) Because it’s hard to take some of them seriously.

7) Because some love controversy more than others.

8) Because some of their qualifications are questionable at best.

Here’s to the biggest blockbuster ever – Indian politics! You’ve done a great job keeping us
entertained. Now let’s focus on the nation, shall we?

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