India Rising: Stories From The Last Month That’ll Inspire You (July 2023)

Amidst all the negative news and celebrity gossip, we often fail to appreciate or even take a look at some really amazing things happening around us. There are so many events that take place everyday that has the potential to inspire us yet we are blinded by it.

We bring you some of the most inspiring events and news stories that took place in India last month, that will not only inspire you but also make you proud of your country.

1. India’s latest lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 launched successfully: Proud moment for us all!

Perhaps the most awaited event of this year- The launch of Chandrayaan 3- India’s third lunar exploration mission. The launch took place on 14th July at 2:35 pm IST and phase one of the mission was completed successfully. A proud moment for all Indians. Prime Minister Modi also expressed his pride on this occasion.

2. Indian Army Marches On ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’ At Bastille Day Parade In France

India joined France on 14th of July, to celebrate Bastille Day, a historic day that marked the beginning of the French Revolution. Indian Army’s Punjab led by Captain Aman Jagtap marched along with French soldiers. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force represented India on such an international event marking the historic Indo-French friendship and making every Indian swell with pride.

3. Project K to become the 1st Indian film to debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

This multi-starrer film that includes Amitabh Bachchan, Prabhas, Kamal Hassan and Deepika Padukone will be unveiled at the San Diego, USA Comic Con. It will be the first Indian film to reach there. Director Taran Adarsh took to Twitter to announce the great news. This made Twitteratis happy and feel great about Indian film industry.

4. Indian football teams, both men and women, to compete in Asian Games as government relaxes rules.

The Indian Olympic Association previously refused to clear Indian football teams as they were not ranking in top 8 and thus not meeting the criteria. But after appeals from All India Football Federation, Sports Minister took to Twitter and announced that the government has decided to relax the rules looking at the recent performances by both teams and has cleared them to take part in the prestigious Asian Games. Happy moment for Indian Football lovers!

5. Zomato food delivery guy clears Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Exam; Zomato cheers!

Government exams are pretty hard to crack, especially civil service exams. On top of that, if you have a full-time job that requires a lot of traveling, it becomes even more difficult. The only way is hard work and perseverance. That is something that this Zomato delivery guy named Vignesh did not lack.He worked at Zomato as a delivery boy but managed to prepare for the civil services exam and finally with much determination, cleared the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Exam.

This was such a great and well-deserved achievement that even Zomato took to Twitter to congratulate Vignesh on his success.

6. People rush to help others amidst Delhi floods: Humanity still alive!

A heart-warming incident was recently reported as people from different parts of Delhi came to rescue and feed at relief camps as Delhi floods took a turn for worse. People from different places, different ages individually did their part and fed the people who suffered from the deadly floods. 

7. Tailor’s son gets into IIM Bangalore in first attempt: First one to go to a B school in his family!

 Manan Sadariya, son of a tailor, secured a seat at India’s prestigious B school, IIM Bangalore. He was the first in his family to ever get into any B school. This was definitely a joyous moment for the all. Although he gives credit to the EWS quota for playing a major role in his admission, Manan worked hard and secured 98.7 percentile alongside working a job. 

8. Religious Harmony in Karnataka; Hindu seer inaugurated a mosque.

Abhinava Gavisiddeswara Swamiji of Koppal Gavi Mutt inaugurated a mosque in Bhanapur village in Koppal district, Karnataka. According to him, religion means harmony and people who thinks their religion is superior are not actually religious. This kind of thinking and initiative by everyone would soon end any and every religious turmoil everywhere.

9. When refused by parents to hike Mt.Everest, Kochi man goes skydiving from 43,000 feet and sets a new world record!

An IT professional from Kochi, Jithin Vijayan, has set new world record in skydiving with his recent jump from Whiteville in Tennessee, USA on 1st July. According to him, he wanted to climb Everest and unfurl Indian flag there but his family did not agree with this due to high risks involved. He always loved flying and being a professional sky diver as well, he wanted to make the longest jump in the world. This 41 year old made his way in the Guinness Book of World Records!

12. World’s largest museum “Yuge Yugeen Bharat” based on India’s 5000+ years of civilization to be opened in Delhi

PM Narendra Modi in his speech at Pragati Maidan made a reference to the soon-to-be-opened Yuge Yugeen Bharat National Museum in the North and South Blocks that flank the Rashtrapati Bhawan. The name Yuge Yugeen Bharat is a Sanskrit word that literally translates in everlasting India and that is exactly what this museum will have- centuries of Indian History!

13. Surat Diamond Bourse is now the World’s largest office in Gujarat

Pentagon is no longer the world’s largest office as the title has been taken over by an office in Surat which will primarily used as a diamond trading centre. The gem capital of the world, Surat, will now have an office, Surat Diamond Bourse that will host 65000 diamond traders at a time. “Surpassing the Pentagon was not part of the competition brief. Rather, the project’s size was dictated by demand,” said Mr Gadhavi of the Indian architectural firm Morphogenesis who built the Bourse.

14. 415 million out of poverty in India; United Nations reveal in its latest reports.

From 2005/06 to 2019/21, 415 million people got out of poverty in India in these last 15 years. United Nations in its latest data revealed that it was incredible for the most populous country to achieve this feat. The latest update of the global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) was released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) at the University of Oxford. The report stated that “the poorest States and groups, including children and people in disadvantaged caste groups, had the fastest absolute progress.”

15. India defeats Iran by 43-32 to win their 8th Asian Kabaddi Championship becoming the most successful team of the tournament!

Good news for all Indians as India won its 8th title in the Asian Kabaddi Championship by defeating Iran by 43-32 margin. The match was held in Busan , South Korea where India’s flawless performance in the league matches helped them stay on the top of score table. With this win, India now sets eye on the Asian Games that is to be held in September. All the best to our Champions!

These are some of the best news we found last month. This made us both proud and happy. Hopefully next month the list is even longer. 

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