7 Minimal Posters That Show Indian Break-Up Logic


We Indians are truly unique. Unique in the way we dress up, unique in the what we eat, unique in how we worship our Gods and unique in how we live our lives. When it comes to break-ups, we Indians have made our own set of logic and goals.


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We bring you 7 Minimal posters that tell us about the Indian Break Up Logic.

1. Break-up means Daroo…

2. Don’t care but I will check out his/her feed everyday 

3. Sad and emotional romantic songs suddenly sets in…

4. All men are the same. All men are dogs!
(BTW, who told you to try them all?) 


5. Old Texts and chat history suddenly comes into the picture 

6. Rejection from one-girl means becoming a total fuckboi

7. The Ghaayal Aashiq (a.k.a Devdas) mode is on…

8. Angoor Khattey Hain…

9. The optimists…

Which Indian break up logic did you abide by to console yourself after a heartbreak?

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