12 Best Indian Dark Comedy Movies of All Time


‘Dark comedy’ is a difficult genre to master. It is not only difficult, but also tricky to make your audience laugh while also making them adore the film. However, India was unfamiliar with dark comedy and did not appreciate them until some truly courageous directors introduced them to these magnificent works. Sometimes the greatest approach to deal with difficult things is to tell a joke. So, here are some of the best Indian dark comedy movies of all time.


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1. Dev D

Dev D is ready to define ‘new-age’ adaptations in terms of character names and settings. What sticks out is the removal of ‘sex’ or ‘sexual desire’ as a taboo in Indian society. Imagine the plot of the film Devdas taking place in the twenty-first century! That’s exactly how Dev D can be described. It is about problematic romantic relationships, and the central character, played by Abhay Deol, finds refuge in narcotics and humor. This is a must-see movie.

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2. Delhi Belly

Abhinay Deo has created yet another masterpiece. Delhi Belly, is about three roommates who are determined to establish a reputation for themselves. Things go wrong when they realize they’ve lost some valuable items belonging to prominent outlaws. The film is actually worth seeing and provides a completely unique experience.

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3. Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe has several stories running concurrently, each with a terrible backstory, but the way they are presented in a comedic fashion must be admired. Serious problems such as murder, cheating, society’s perception of a transgender and his family, prostitution, and other such issues are properly treated by adding a comedic touch. Super Deluxe is a must-watch dark comedy movie.

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4. Ludo

Ludo has a little bit of everything. Five stories that are all entwined and linked so masterfully that you will fall in love. The film’s entire comedy is gold. Situational comedy, and the events are frequently gory and unpleasant. Ludo is an excellent pick if you want a nice chuckle as well as a blend of drama and romance.

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5. Shaitan

Five drug-addicted pals decide to stage a kidnapping in order to bribe a police officer for covering up a hit-and-run accident. Again, one of the best Indian dark comedy movies that should surely make it to your watch list.

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6. Andhadhun

Starring Ayushman Khurana as Akash, a professional pianist who takes the musical equivalent of method acting one step too far and gets himself into a lot of trouble. He gets an invite to the house of a former film actor while claiming to be blind and unintentionally becomes a witness to his terrible murder. A series of twists and turns that is bound to keep you seated is a must-watch movie.

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7. Operation Alamelamma

Purmy’s life is turned upside down when he is threatened with paying a ransom for rescuing his school-aged son and is wrongfully detained as a result. Operation Alamelamma is one of the best Indian dark comedy movies.

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8. Blackmail

Blackmail will have you facepalming and yelling at the appropriate times. When Dev Kaushal, a toilet paper sales professional, returns home early one day to surprise his wife with roses, he discovers her in bed with her lover. While he considers numerous alternatives, he decides to blackmail them instead. But things go wrong when a blackmail loop is formed, and suddenly everyone is blackmailing everyone, and money is changing hands.

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9. Jaane bhi do yaaro

A cult favorite, Vinod and Sudhir are two photographers assigned by a newspaper editor to portray the shady side of the Bombay real estate industry. However, they picture a murder by mistake and, upon closer study, discover that the murderer is none other than Tarneja, the unscrupulous builder they were shadowing. 

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10. Kaalakaandi

The film begins with Saif Ali Khan, a teetotaller, learning that he has stomach cancer and only has a few months to live. One of the best movies that you must watch.

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11. Ee. Ma.Yau

Ee.Ma.Yau, which stands for ‘Eeso Mariyam Ouseppe,’ is about the son’s effort to maintain his word. This movie won’t let you leave your seat until you finish watching this masterpiece.

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12. Darlings

Darlings is a funny sociological thriller that eventually amounts to a well-made public service film on domestic abuse, dismantling the crutches that allow patriarchy to walk into living rooms. The film, shot with an activist’s eye, encourages women to punch through the abuse rather than bargain with the scorpion, a euphemism for the violent husband in the film.

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So, these were the 12 best Indian dark comedy movies. We hope you liked it!

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