10 Best Indian Finance Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2022

The success of your organisation and your job within it can be influenced by your understanding of how finance operates inside it. Your choices will have an impact on your financial well-being, and knowing how this works will enable you to contribute more effectively and come to wiser choices. Being financially literate is also highly beneficial for your personal life because it gives you greater self-assurance when making decisions. Learn more about finance with the help of these finance influencers on Instagram!


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1. Sharan Hegde
Former management consultant for one of the Big 4, Sharan. On Instagram, he produces interesting content about investing, managing money, and the psychology of money. His videos are both educational and amusing. Take care to read the captions as well because they are filled with a wealth of information. Check out Sharan’s stuff on Instagram, where he’s getting close to the one million user mark, and if you like it, follow My Man Finance with Sharan.

2. Neha Nagar
Neha Nagar is a driven businesswoman who supports others in growing their enterprises with the aim of promoting financial awareness through content production. She will soon join the 1 million club and has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Her goal is to serve as your financial advisor, thus she makes sure that her films are as simple to follow as possible.

3. Anushka Rathod 
Anushka Rathod is a CFA level 2 candidate and a former investment banker. She produces articles on personal money, business tales, and financial memes. She has a number of guides on topics including personal finance, money-saving tips, and mutual funds. Please check out her Instagram account as she is approaching 400k followers.


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4. Shreyaa Kapoor
Finance major Shreyaa Kapoor previously worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. She made the decision to leave her full-time position around a year ago in order to pursue her mission of streamlining all things financial through her Instagram videos. Her videos emphasise making wise financial choices, making investments, trading stocks, etc. On Instagram, she recently surpassed the 100,000-follower threshold.

5. Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo is a novelist and Internet businessman from India. He was the co-founder and previous CEO of both Nearbuy and Groupon India. He released Do Epic Shit, his debut book, in 2021.


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6. Pranjal Kamra
You may discover videos about value investing, stock analysis, and behavioural finance on Pranjal Kamra’s website. He works with Finology, a company that can assist you in developing into a logical investor. a subscription that changes the game and provides you access to all financial superpowers. The ability to track your progress, develop a sound financial strategy, and learn how to invest are all steps in the same direction: building wealth. He is one of the best finance influencers on Instagram. 


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7. Unfinance
An IIT Roorkee alumnus founded the Instagram account Unfinance with the goal of assisting young investors in achieving financial independence. They give consumers financial literacy lessons and motivate them to start long-term investments. They started in August 2020 and have more than 400k Instagram followers at the moment.


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8. Financial Literate
Financial Literate makes it simpler to comprehend business, money, and the stock market. They have a tonne more content planned for our followers and readers; what you have seen or read about us up to this point is merely the beginning. They intend to scale ourselves up to a point where we are reachable by anyone with a financial interest.


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9. Fincocktail
FinCocktail is a one-stop shop for all of your personal finance-related inquiries. It was developed to assist young Indians in comprehending and accepting their own personal money. It wants to serve as an example for everyone who wants to control their financial fate.


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10. CA Jay Desai
The company’s founder and entrepreneur Jay Desai is a youthful and vivacious businessman. A virtual accounting, tax, and advisory service platform called KYA – KEEPING YOUR ACCOUNT has a novel idea: Only clients receive services from Chartered Accountants. Mr. Jay, who is also a co-founder of KYA, was recently moved from the post of Director of Accounts to Vice President at SNDJ Consultants Private Limited.


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This was our list of the best Indian finance influencers on Instagram. Hope they help you learn! Let us know if they did in the comments!

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