13 Best Indian Foods Every Foreigner Should Try

Indian dishes are famous worldwide due to their variety and flavours that make your taste buds pop. For foreigners who love and want to try Indian foods, here’s a list that can guide you so that you get an idea of all the different types of foods that make India the paradise for foodies.

1. Panipuri

The crispy spheres of pure delight are among the most special dishes offered by the Indians. The spicy fillings and the tangy tamarind water offered with it make it an irresistible food to taste when visiting India.

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2. Samosa

Another mouthwatering snack, samosas with their perfect triangular shapes, crispy exteriors, the aloo fillings inside to nibble on, and the hari chutney that adds the extra tadka to the preparation, are not just extremely delicious, but also a filling food.

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3. Mutton Kasha

Did it make your mouth water already? The spicy mutton kasha is specifically made to set your taste buds on fire, and keep asking for more even when your stomach says no. The succulent pieces of mutton make this dish one of the most popular Indian dishes.

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4. Gulab Jamun

If you have a sweet tooth, I dare you to stop at one Gulab Jamun. You can’t, I promise. Gulab Jamun’s are heaven-sent spheres of sweetness that melt your mouth with how delicious they are. The berry-sized fried sweets are used in the festivities and is considered one of the most appetizing desserts in India.

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5. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a Delhi special dish consisting of chicken curry in a spiced tomato, butter, and cream sauce. The gravy is the most essential feature of the dish, imbibing the spicy and sweet flavours of the butter and the cream. Though high in calories, butter chicken is an irresistibly delicious Indian dish that every foreigner must try.

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6. Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani, the rice, the meat, oh the lure of Biryani. Poems could be written on the lure of the Biryani. There are many variants of the most popular dish in India, but Hyderabadi Biryani trumps them all to become the winner. The unique style of cooking gives the Hyderabadi Biryani a different feel to its different aroma and taste. Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in India.

Image Source: Archanaskitchen.com

7. Litti Chokha

The name of Litti Chokha is synonymous with the state of Bihar. Litti consists of whole wheat dough balls, stuffed with a spiced mix of roasted gram flour, or sattu. Chokha accompanies litti. It can be made with potatoes, eggplants, or tomatoes, or all of them. It is a healthy and delicious diet option that is very popular in India.

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8. Jalebi

Don’t go by the spiraling shape, the euphoria you feel after a bite of the Jalebi is pretty straightforward. One of the most popular sweet dishes in India, jalebi banks on its saccharine syrup to take your sweet tooth out on a ride. Jalebi is a must-taste dish if you are visiting India.

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9. Momos

Momos, the delicious stuffed and steamed dumplings were created by the Tibetan people. Though originally meant for people from hilly regions, momos are popular throughout the country, and even in neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Momos are usually served with tomato chutney as a dipping sauce. Soup momos also have delicious broth served with the momos. Momos are one of the most popular dishes found in India and can be found in shops and restaurants throughout the country.

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10. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is mainly prevalent in the northern regions of India. Tender and juicy carrots are grated and mixed with milk, ghee, cardamom, etc., to give this delectable preparation the aroma and taste that makes this sweet dish impossible to ignore.

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11. Chole Kulche

Coming back to street food, Chole Kulche is a dish Indians are particularly fond of. The oval-shaped baked bread, the Kulche, is paired with green peas, chole, to make a heavenly preparation that will fill your stomach while also tingling your taste buds. The slightly sour and tangy taste makes the dish savoury and unmissable for foreigners interested in Indian food.

Image Source: lazizkhana.com

12. Daab Chingri

This famous Bengali dish consists of a spicy preparation of prawns cooked inside the green coconut. The preparation is straightforward enough, and the flavours of tender coconut mixed with the prawn and the spices make the appetizing dish served usually with basmati rice absolutely inimitable and exceptional.

Image Source: funloveandcooking.com

13. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a variant of the South Indian dish, dosa. Masala Dosa is a crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter and usually has potato fillings inside. It is served with chutney and sambhar. It is a perfect choice for breakfast or the evening snack and should be tasted by anyone interested in Indian foods.

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These are some of the Indian dishes that need no introduction, and that your mouth should get acquainted with at least once to get the correct idea of exactly how excellent they taste. Let us know in the comments which Indian dishes every foreigner should try to get a taste of India.

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