10 Funny Indian Journalists Meme Templates Are Just Epic

If you are bored as hell and have nothing to do, I would recommend you simply watch some of the Prime Time TV Debates on our news channels. They often get even more melodramatic than Big Boss and there’s everything you need there – thrill, action, drama, emotion, battles, and what not. Indian Journalists, reporters and new anchors have time and again been at the target of netizens, members, and humorists for their sensationalising of news. While news channels have turned into 24-hours daily-soap type drama, Indian Journalists meme templates have also become popular amongst the netizens.

From Arnab Goswami’s “Mujhe Drug Do. Drug Do,” to Ravish Kumar’s “Darr ka Mahol Hai”, the memers have had feast on the journalists across the political spectrums. A lot of news anchors these days are known more for their antics on screen rather than their primary job of gathering and reporting news. Twitter often has a field day on some unbelievable hilarious videos from Indian news channels.

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We bring you some of the most hilarious Indian Journalists Meme templates on the Internet.

1. When people around me start discussing politics.

2. When you just started dating and she asks, Shaadi kab karoge?

3. Just a picture of Karan Johar lifting star kids’ career.

4. When my best friend visits my house.

5.  Nobody:
My family on my result day

6. My boss when I ask about my appraisal. 

7. Students to the teacher while taking the online classes.

8. Dilliwaalas as soon as they land in Goa…

9.  nobody:
younger sibling to dad when he comes back from the office:

10. Me to coronavirus after taking 2 doses of vaccine

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Which of these Indian Journalists meme templates describes the story of your life? Do let us know in the comments below.

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