9 Indian Leaders Who Impressed The World With Their Simplicity

If a person lives lavishly, it is often assumed that he possesses wealth. Luxuries like private jets, expensive cars, and massive resorts are reserved for countries’ politicians, businessmen, and other big shots. But not everyone with power wants to squander hefty amounts of money instead, they believe in modesty and make that the essence of their lives. These people hold high offices but refrain from having an extravagant lifestyle.

Despite having massive political influence, they never bothered to accumulate wealth. So, we bring you a bunch of such Indian leaders who impressed the world with their simplicity.

1. Lived by ethics

2. Never took undue advantage of his position

3. He preached simplicity

4. Only earns enough to survive

5. President for country, a mundane father for his daughter

6. It’s not at all about money for him

7. PM with just an ordinary family

8. He did everything for the people

9. A simple proud man

These are some of India’s biggest leaders who refuse to let that reflect, on their lifestyle. They preach modesty and live by morals, which make them stand out from the rest. Whether they know the pain of struggling or just possess a big heart, what’s certain is that they breathe life to- “the first test of a truly great man is in his humility.”

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