15 Indian Meme Templates of 2021 That Are Just Too Funny!


The last few years were really not the best, and honestly, I’m kinda tired of saying the same thing again and again, but it is like that sometimes. The last few months, memes have been pretty much our only escape. Memes and Netflix, that is. And while we cannot wait for things to be better and for us to spend time with people we love, as long as we’re home, memes are really the best way to cope. Not only are they funny, but there are also so many of them it is physically impossible to keep track of all the new trends, believe me, I’ve tried. Here are 15 Indian meme templates of 2021 I’m sure will make you laugh.


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1. When she asks for your advice after fighting with her boyfriend:

2. Me after spending the whole day scrolling through reels and not getting anything done:

3. When you ask the exam invigilator for two extra minutes
The invigilator:

4. Marvel fans waiting for Black Widow to release since 2020:

5. When someone asks where the PMCares money went
The government: 

6. My friend: I’m an expert on French history
Me: Name one French King
My friend: Louis
Me: That’s on me, I set the bar too low.

7. PUBG players when they log into Battlegrounds Mobile for the first time:


8. A visual representation of what people investing in crypto felt like this month:

9. Me: Takes a nap after doing nothing the whole day
My mother: Jal lijiye, thak gaye honge

10. No one:
Absolutely no one:
Mosquitoes at night:

11. Jitna bhi try karlo bunny, tumhare macbook ke fan se awaaz toh aayegi hi. 

12. When my friends and I go to a wedding reception with no non-veg food and they get upset
me, taking out half the money out of the envelope:

13. When you tell your internet provider that you have no connection and they ask you to restart the router:

14. Me when I see someone I know from college in public:  

15. When my friends ask me for a birthday treat:

Did you like these Indian meme templates of 2021? Did we miss one of your favourites? Comment below to let us know!

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