Best Indian Thriller Movies of 2022 That Keep You On Edge


Thriller is one such genre, that no matter how hard you try, you can not get out of your seat before completing the whole movie. Instead of the blood and gore of many horror films, thrillers are full of conflict, surprise twists, and tension that keep you on the edge of your seat. Watching a thriller movie can make a viewer doubt their reality while also making them feel anxious, terrified, and uncertain. We’ve done our best to provide you with a wide selection here, a rundown that is sure to evoke various moods. So here are the best Indian thriller movies of 2022, featuring everything from serial killers to brainwashed enemies.


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1. A Thursday

A nursery school teacher named Naina holds 16 children, hostage, on a fateful Thursday in the city of Mumbai and issues a list of unbelievable demands.

Streaming on: Hotstar

2. Jalsa

After a hit-and-run incident, the lives of two women, Ruksana, her domestic helper, and Maya, a well-known journalist, are completely turned upside down.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

3. Beast

The plot of the movie centers on an ex-RAW agent’s mission to free hostages that terrorists have taken hostage in a mall.

Streaming on: Netflix

4. James

James, who is also called Santhosh Kumar is working as a manager in a security company and finds that he is up against the big bad guys.

Streaming on: SonyLiv

5. Kathikeya 2

A follow-up to the mystic thriller Karthikeya that focuses on Karthik’s personal issues and how he overcomes them. His quest for the truth reveals to him the power of the traditional Indian system and the Tatva of Lord Sri Krishna.

Streaming on: Zee5

6. Vikrant Rona


A remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest began experiencing a number of strange occurrences, which they began to believe to be supernatural.

Streaming on: Zee5

7. Hit: The first case

The stakes are raised when a girl named Preethi mysteriously vanishes in Hyderabad, and Vikram, a 32 years old Policemanmust crack the case at all costs while also struggling with his own traumatic past.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

8. Cobra

Mathi is a brilliant mathematician who also goes by the name Cobra and uses math to commit crimes.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

9. Cuttputli

Arjan, a police officer, is out in search of the truth when a small town is struck by the nightmare of serial killings and uncovers a horrific conspiracy.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

10. Vikram Vedha

A strict police officer named Vikram is on the hunt for Vedha, a smuggler and murderer, with the help of his partner Simon. Vedha makes changes to Vikram’s life, which sparks a disagreement.

11. Forensic

In this ZEE5 original movie, young girls start going missing, and their bodies are eventually discovered in Mussoorie. Megha, a police officer, and Johnny, a forensics expert, work together to catch the murderer.

Streaming on: Zee5

This was all about the best Indian thriller movies of 2022. We hope you love watching them!

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