30 Best Iconic Indian TV Ads From the 90s for a Hit of Nostalgia

Get ready to go on an adventure trip down memory lane. Back to those sultry afternoons where we huddled around our television sets with our family and watched our favorite shows. A time when the advertisements were just as interesting and creative as the shows themselves. The catchy jingles, the memorable dialogues, the lovable characters, these advertisements had them all! The 90s were a carefree time, the few years before the new millennium started, it was really very beautiful. The content that was produced at that time was not only earnest but also timeless. In this list, we will explore some of the best Indian ads from the 90s that are still fresh in our memories.

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Let’s have a look at some of the best Indian ads from the 90s that will take you back to your childhood days.

1. Fevi kwik- Chutki Mein Chipkaye (The Fishing Advertisment)

2. Kissan Jam– Rahul Dravid as Jammy and his many avatars in pursuit of some Kissan Jam

3. Complan– But I’m growing Mommy!

4. Dhara Oil– The cute little runaway kid, Parzaan Dastur, comes back home for Jalebi.

5. Pepsi- Sachin fans proclaiming- Yeh Dil Maange More!

6. Amul Manthan- The iconic Smita Patil advertisement that is still very fresh in our minds!

7. Suzuki Samurai- No Problem!

8. Action Shoes- Action ka School Time.

9. Bournvita- Man ki Shakti, Tan ki Shakti!

10. Cadbury’s Perk-  Preity Zinta’s Thodi Si Pet Puja!

11. Nerolac Paints- and that extremely catchy jingle!

12. Ajanta Clocks-  The one where Dadi turns into a musician!

13. Pepsi- Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan going Kai Po Che!

14. Bajaj Scooter- Hamara Bajaj

15. Onida TV- Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.

16. Nirma Detergent Soap- Dhulayi ka Super Dum, Daam Fir Bhi Kam

17. Cadbury Dairy Milk- Asli Swaad Zindagi Ka; The girl dancing on the cricket field.

18. Nirma Beauty Soap- Long before we heard it from Zakir Bhai!

19. Pepsi- Shahrukh Khan disguised as Sachin Tendulkar. Hilarious.

20. Liril Soap- Priety Zinta being the fresh breath of air that she is!

21. Vadilal Ice cream- The one featuring Ronit Roy. Doesn’t this man age at all?

22. Classic Toothbrush- Iska Maza Hai Nirala!

23. Sundrop Oil- The Healthy Oil for Healthy People…

24. Uncle Chipps- Everybody’s favourite potato chips!

25. Archies Gallery- Cheering up a little boy whose dog died.

26. Coca-Cola- Amir Khan going full-on Ailaa!

27. Whirlpool Refrigerators-  Ice Ice, Baby!

28. Parle G- Parle-G with Dadaji

29. Maruti Service Station- No matter where you go, you’ll always find a Maruti service station.

30. Surf Ultra- Daag Dhundte Reh Jaoge

With this, we have come to an end of our list of some of the best Indian ads from the 90s. Did we miss out on any of your favourite advertisements from the 90s? Do let us know in the comments section.

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