15 Best Indian Web Series of 2020 You Should Binge Watch

If 2020 gave us anything in plenty, it was unprecedented amounts of free time. And that brings us to the question that continues to puzzle many: how should I waste my time? Until six years ago, most Indians could not afford consuming media on the internet without burning a hole in their pocket. However, we now have enough data to be on the internet the entire day. But if you want to spend all your day on the web, you might as well watch content that is truly pathbreaking for the Indian entertainment industry. 2020 gave us some great shows, and we have a list of the best Indian Web series of 2020 we loved watching during this lockdown, only for you.

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Content on OTT platforms tends to be better in quality because of its length and production value, often targeting younger age groups that prefer substance over pizzazz, and fortunately, 2020 was a year of amazing content. The OTT gods kept giving.

We bring you some of the best Indian Web Series of 2020 you can binge-watch right away.

1. Bandish Bandits

Bandish Bandits opens up a genre earlier unexplored in OTT shows: musicals. With its beautiful songs that will play over and over again in your head for days on end, this show has surprisingly great performances from its cast. 

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

2. Mirzapur

Filled with blood and gore, this controversial show still manages to tell a compelling story. With the much-awaited second season releasing this year and starring some immensely talented actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyenndu and Rasika Dugal, the show will keep you hooked throughout its two seasons.  

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

3. Jamtara

Exploring the lives of small-town boys who manage to successfully con an impressive number of people, the series has promising performances and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Watch on: Netflix 

4. Bad Boy Billionaires 

It would be safe to say that conmen were a big part of our quarantine entertainment. Netflix’s massively hyped Bad Boy Billionaires even ran into legal trouble, resulting in only three out of the total four episodes being released.

Watch on: Netflix

5. Aarya 

It is surprising how relatively less attention this show has received so far because the premise and the performances are pretty promising. The show has Sushmita Sen in the titular role, and she does an excellent job playing it. 

Watch on: Hotstar 

6. Asur 

Arshad Warsi is easily one of the most underrated men in the Hindi film industry. He has great depth and brings conviction to most roles he takes on. Asur is a compelling watch that forges a connection between our world and mythology. 

Watch on: Voot Select

7. Aashram

India has had its fair share of unholy Godmen, and Aashram is a story about one such “Baba” whose followers seem to trust him blindly. 

Watch on: MX Player

8. JL50

Sci-fi is a criminally unexplored genre in the Hindi film industry, but JL50, a show about time travel, is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t get everything perfect, but it makes for an engaging watch. 

Watch on: ZEE5

9. Paatal Lok 

If you haven’t noticed, Anushka Sharma’s production company has been churning out brilliant content over and over. Paatal Lok is no different. When an ordinary cop inadvertently lands on a major case, he discovers things are far more complicated than they seem. What ensues is pure chaos. 

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

10. A Suitable Boy

The show is based on Vikram Seth’s mammoth post-independence novel of the same name. With a promising cast and beautiful cinematography, it makes for a visual treat. 

Watch on: Netflix

11. Scam 1992

If you haven’t been living under a rock, chances are, you are familiar with Scam 1992’s impressively catchy opening song. But the show has more to offer. Set in the 1990s, the show narrates the larger than life story of one Harshad Mehta, who single-handedly brought down the Indian stock market to its knees. 

Watch on: Sony LIV

12. Betaal

Even though Indian audiences are often disappointed by the historically lukewarm horror movies the Hindi film industry churns year after year, Betaal dares to do things differently. It is also one of the very few Indian movies out there with zombies. 

Watch on: Netflix

13. Breathe: Into the Shadows

An extremely underrated actor in the Hindi film industry has to be Abhishek Bachcan who isn’t given enough credit for some great performances he has delivered throughout his career. Breathe: Into the Shadows is his first web show and he reminds the audience what a capable actor he is. 

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

14. A Simple Murder

One of the finest shows that came out this year but got little to no attention is A Simple Murder. With a talented ensemble, the show has a fresh plot and does not disappoint at all. 

Watch on: Sony LIV

15. Special Ops

Special Ops follows the story of intelligence officers who are determined to find a pattern in terrorist attacks and must find out the one person who seems to be behind all these attacks. 

Watch on: Hotstar

Which of these Indian web series from 2020 was your favourite? Comment below!

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